Beckham's wife Victoria believes he could play a great James Bond.

David Beckham As James Bond? Wife Victoria Says He Could Pull It Off

David Beckham recently retired from his illustrious career in soccer after a stint with Paris Saint-Germain this past season. He’s now enjoying time with his family, but there’s been plenty of talk as to what he’ll be doing since his career on the pitch has ended.

His wife Victoria Beckham believes he could hit the big screen as one of action movies most popular characters in James Bond. He certainly has the look, but the 38-year-old doesn’t believe he’d be that good of an actor in the first place.

“I have some friends who are actors, Tom Cruise is a very good friend of ours,” he said in a recent interview with Chinese News Station CCTV. “But I don’t think I have any plans to become an actor. I’m not sure I’d be very good at it.”

The interview included his wife, who immediately jumped into the conversation by saying, “I think you would be really good at acting.”

Before you knew it, she also had the perfect role for her husband David Beckham.

“I think you’d be great. I think he should be James Bond! He’d be a good James Bond,” she added.

Could you see the former soccer great in an action-packed thriller playing a lead role? Watch your back Daniel Craig, here comes the “Becks” to take over!

Beckham as a movie star doesn’t add up, though Bend It Like Beckham was somewhat of a hit for soccer fans and it also featured Keira Knightley. The thought of Beckham hitting the big screen has oddly become debatable since the interview, but the chances of it actually happening are slim to none.

His focus continues to be on his family though he’s also been linked to having an interest in buying his own MLS club. If all else fails, the “Becks” now has a fallback plan with a role as James Bond, well at least his wife Victoria thinks so.

Could you see David Beckham playing James Bond in a major film production?


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