Tamoxifen Cheap In The UK: Breast Cancer Prevention Drug Provided By NHS

Tamoxifen Cheap In The UK: Breast Cancer Prevention Drug Provided By NHS

Tamoxifen will be cheap in the UK when the breast cancer prevention drug is made available to at-risk British women by the NHS.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, breast cancer studies have tamoxifen usage should be increased because it saves lives.

Research has shown a consistent, prolonged course of endocrine-therapeutic drugs, for women whose breast cancer expresses for the hormones estrogen or progesterone, can reduce cancer recurrence and increase survival. Additional studies suggest using the drugs over a 10 year span may have extra breast cancer-inhibiting benefits.

At the same time, doctors are finding that women don’t always adhere to the tamoxifen breast cancer cancer treatment recommendations.

So where can women find tamoxifen cheap in the UK? The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence says a daily dose of tamoxifen can cut breast cancer risk by 40 percent. As such, in order to prevent the need for a mastectomy the NHS will be offering preventative breast cancer treatments via tamoxifen.

This is the first time a country within Europe has prescribed drugs to prevent breast cancer. The cost of five years per woman is only $185. And the effect of taking tamoxifen for so long would potentially last 20 years.

Susan Heard, an NHS nurse specializing in breast cancer care, claims tamoxifen could be a viable alternative to preventive mastectomy. But even though the NHS will make tamoxifen cheap in the UK it’s still optional, not mandatory:

“We will never be able to tell women exactly on an individual basis whether or not they’re going to develop breast cancer. Research is going on all the time to hone in on the people who will develop breast cancer.”

What do you think about the NHS providing tamoxifen cheap in the UK?