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Mick Jagger Slams President Obama Over NSA Scandal

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There are a lot of people angry with President Obama for how he has handled the NSA surveillance debacle. Apparently, Mick Jagger is one of those people.

During his show last night at the Verizon Center in Washington, DC, the Rolling Stones frontman made a few jokes at the President’s expense. Jagger reportedly said that he was disappointed that Obama didn’t come to his show, before adding that he was pretty sure the government was listening in.

Jagger said: “I don’t think President Obama is here tonight… But I’m sure he’s listening in.”

In addition to the diss, several concert goers reported the President Obama was booed when Jagger mention his name.

One user writes: “Mick Jagger just said President Obama and everyone booed. And i’m not embellishing.”

Another added: “Yes, the weed-smoking ex-hippie generation here at Verizon Center collectively booed audibly when Mick Jagger first said, ‘President Obama.’”

The jab may hurt a little since Obama is a big Rolling Stones fan. According to the biography, Barack Obama: The Story,Obama used to do a mean Jagger impression back in his college days.

Biographer David Maraniss writes: “He could do the walk, the strut, the face.”

Obama also joined Jagger on stage during a recent concert at the White House.

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