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Jackie Chan: I’m Not Dead

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Jackie Chan is dead! But not really. Rumors circulated this week that the action star had passed away but Jackie cleared things up with a photo, a statement, and today’s newspaper.

Chan told his fans that he is alive and well and promised that if he would make the announcement himself whenever he does pass away.

Jackie said: “These few years, there have repeatedly been false news which has caused my fans and friends who care about me, to worry if I am dead! If I am really dead, I will definitely announce it.”

Chan also posted a photo with today’s date to make sure that no one had any doubts about the death hoax.

Chan added: “Tell everyone! Ha ha! To make people believe it, please look at the photo! Thank you for everyone’s concern and love!”

Jackie also took the time to clear up another persistent rumor: His dogs are also not dead.

Chan writes: “P.S. My dog is healthy, just like me! He doesn’t need surgery! By the way, my dogs are golden retrievers, not Labradors.”

Creating a death hoax about a beloved celebrity is one thing. But who would ever spread lies about a person’s dog. That’s just evil.

jackie chan

Did you believe the Jackie Chan death rumor? If you dead, you should probably take the Inquisitr’s Death Hoax 101 course.

This isn’t the first time that Jackie has been the victim of a death hoax. A memorial page was set up back in 2011 for the actor despite the fact that Chan was, and still is, alive.

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16 Responses to “Jackie Chan: I’m Not Dead”

  1. Anonymous

    Jackie Chan has now become a dog for China. What can you say about a guy who makes most of his money from U.S. audiences then disses USA on a routine basis. I believe it was not long ago he said the U.S. was the most evil country in the world while his beloved China continues to advance on the territories of its neighbors what a crock.

  2. Ron Golden

    I thought I saw a post on FB that Jackie Chan had died, apparently that was false and he is alive & well! You can't believe everything you read on Facebook…

  3. Kenneth Lichtig

    Let's go back to the 60's when there was a rumor Paul McCartney had died, then there is poor Abe Vigota, who had to plea to get an acting job.

  4. Sharon L. Stacy

    These rumors really aren't funny but it's good to see that the celebrities always seem to take them in stride. My concern over the photo with the newspaper is that it will spawn "Jackie Chan Kidnapped" rumors… 😉

  5. Juve BebOra

    oh,i was really shocked about the death of mr.jackie happy to know that he's still alive.stay healthy.we love you!

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