Smoking Alcohol Dangerous Trend

Smoking Alcohol: Dangerous Teen Trend

Smoking alcohol has become a dangerous teen trend. A growing number of teens have started inhaling alcohol for an instant buzz. Doctors warn that inhalation of alcohol is not only addictive; it is incredibly dangerous.

By smoking the alcohol, teens are delivering the intoxicant directly to the brain.

The alcohol is placed into a container, which is filled with dry ice or pumped full of air. The vapors are then inhaled for an instant high. Teens are using anything from cheap beer to Champagne in the home made devices.

As reported by, doctors are concerned that teens will suffer irreparable damage from the potent vapor. Inhaled alcohol bypasses the digestive system entirely, causing an instant high. As explained by Dr. Robert Glatter, the digestive system helps protect drinkers from over-consumption:

“The normal sensation when you drink and you are getting more drunk is to vomit: It’s your body’s way of expelling alcohol… However, when you inhale alcohol, your brain has no way of expelling it.”

As the alcohol is not metabolized or expelled through the digestive system, alcohol poisoning is a serious risk.

A company called AWOL, Alcohol Without Liquid, developed a similar device, which is sold online. However, sales of the questionable product were eventually banned in the US.

As reported by, smoking alcohol appeals to teens and adults for several reasons. Some users have the misconception that inhaling the alcohol will prevent detection on the breath. Others simply want to avoid the caloric content of alcoholic beverages.

Doctors warn that the the risks far outweigh any benefit associated with the trend. Teens and adults are urged to avoid inhaling any kind of alcohol.

Smoking alcohol may appeal to teens for a number of reasons. However, if they are not aware of the associated risks, they may think it is a safe alternative. Awareness of the danger may help prevent an unnecessary tragedy.

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