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‘Independence Day’ Sequel Won’t Star Will Smith, Says Director

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The world is in real trouble. Aliens are scheduled to attack sometime in the summer of 2015 and Will Smith won’t be there to protect us. Yep, the Fresh Prince will not be returning for the Independence Day sequel.

It’s been more than 15 years since the original film was released and Will Smith’s stock has risen a little bit past the budget of the new movie. Director Ronald Emmerich said that Smith would just be “too expensive” to join the cast for the Independence Day sequel.

Emmerich said:

“Will Smith cannot come back because he’s too expensive, but he’d also be too much of a marquee name … It would be too much. We have maybe half of the people that you would know from the first film, and the other half people who are new.”

According to Slash Film, the new movie will reference Smith’s character Steven Hiller and may include the character’s stepson. Could the new movie star Jaden Smith?

It’s unclear what new actors will appear in the film but Bill Pullman has already confirmed his involvement. Emmerich, who directed the first film, is also slated to helm the sequel.

The new movie, called ID Forever, Part I, is scheduled for a July 3, 2015 release.

Are you looking forward to the Independence Day Sequel? Do you think the new movie will star Jaden Smith?

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10 Responses to “‘Independence Day’ Sequel Won’t Star Will Smith, Says Director”

  1. Michael Dante

    What… did the aliens die and come back as zombies? Not sure how much more you can milk this story. Oh wait… I got it! The aliens will come back to earth but THIS TIME they will be done in not by a computer virus (which to me still makes me laugh that an advanced SUPERIOR life form was done in by a computer virus) but this time it will be death by oldie music! Oh wait… that was already done in Mars Attack. Ok… I'm out of ideas.

  2. Rodney Horn

    Maybe they will snatch Rush Limbaugh and die from oxygen depravation after he sucks all the air out of the space ship while being questioned about how to overthrow our government!

  3. Anonymous

    Why would it star Jaden? That boy wasn't related to Will Smith so they don't need to look the same. They should use that original kid.

  4. Tom Tagliente

    It's not a sequel. It's a RETURN MORE CASH BONANZA. Sequels (with rare exceptions) do nothing but cheapen the original. This movie will suck! I will not see it. The original is too classic for me.

  5. Jason Barton

    I bet you anything if Jayden Smith is in it, then Will Smith has some part of directing. That's the only way his son will ever get into movies. His dad directs movies and places his son as the star. I would love to see any Celebrity's kid make it on their own without help. It should be based on talent not who the kids parents are. As for this so called sequel, it should never happen. Have we learned anything by the countless crappy sequels that have been put out. There are some exceptions to this rule. Iron man 3 and MIB 3 for starters. I for one have no interest in this movie.

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