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Jamie Foxx, Channing Tatum Talk Politics At ‘White House Down’ Premiere

Jamie Foxx isn't a big fan of politics in general.

Jamie Foxx stars as the president next to Channing Tatum in the upcoming movie White House Down, but he made it known at the premiere this past weekend that he’s not really into politics in the first place. Foxx and Tatum’s new flick will release in theaters this coming Friday and they’ll be promoting the film all week long.

During the premiere in Washington, D.C., both co-stars spoke with Politico to talk about playing their roles and politics in general. The comedy duo prefer the big screen over the world of real-life politics any day.

“You can’t get anything done, so I would rather be on the outside,” Foxx told Politico during the premiere. He also noted that President Barack Obama is much more suited for the job.

“I would be taking a whole lot of vacations and there would be a whole lot of afterparties,” he said about being president in real-life. Jamie Foxx isn’t the only White House Down star who isn’t too fond of politics, as Channing Tatum spoke out about his thoughts on political life.

“Everybody just spins everybody else’s words and it’s frustrating,” Tatum said before adding that he loves the nation’s capital.

“I love D.C.,” Tatum added. “D.C. is amazing. D.C. doesn’t mean politics.”

In the upcoming film, Tatum plays a local cop who is taking a tour of the White House with his daughter when an armed group of invaders take over. He goes on to try and save his daughter and the president (Foxx) during the action-packed thriller.

Maggie Gyllenhaal will also co-star in the film, which is expected to be a hit in theaters this coming weekend. Outside of his role in White House Down, Foxx has been rumored to be in talks to play Benjamin Stacks, who is most commonly known as “Daddy Warbucks,” in the Annie remake.

Do you think Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum should show more interest in politics?


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6 Responses to “Jamie Foxx, Channing Tatum Talk Politics At ‘White House Down’ Premiere”

  1. Tina Thomas

    No because the last thing we need is more actors in politics. It's pathetic that most politicians already play a part to get votes and then never do what they say they'll do.

  2. Kathie Wilson

    Stupid question. All of us 'should' be more involved in politics – they affect everyone, and the apathy level among would-be voters is our biggest problem in this country. Well, that, and consistently electing Neanderthals and idiots…..

  3. Kevin Lavoie

    I am going to nominate you for political office for something .

  4. Janielle Noe Gabbard

    Obama is not suited to do any government job, come on Jamie you cannot be that blind….I like your acting but your remarks about Obama, no way…. He has to be the worse President we have ever had..

  5. Jaime Ruiz

    just another sell out nigger, Not into "POLITICS" wants to talk about taking our gun's and U.S. Bill of Rights but then wants to make money off of all the violence and "GUNplay" in his movies.

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