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Mayim Bialik Tired Of Arguing About Attachment Parenting

Mayim Bialik Tired Of Arguing About Attachment Parenting

Mayim Bialik is a big proponent of attachment parenting, the style that calls for co-sleeping and literally wearing a baby in a sling across your body, but she’s a bit wary of going to bat for it.

The 37-year-old mother and star of The Big Bang Theory has written a book about attachment parenting and said she often doles out advice to people interested in the controversial style. But the topic also attracts a lot of strong emotions, which Bialik said she tries to avoid.

“If I’m talking to girlfriends, if I’m talking to random people, and we’re talking about parenting, I tell them what works for me and why. But a lot of people want to ask me things so that they can fight with me,” Bialik told omg!. “And just because I’m a public person, who happened to have breastfed and slept with her kids, that doesn’t mean that I want to fight with you on the street or in the supermarket. So, I think you have to be really careful to understand why people want to know what they want to know.”

Mayim Bialik has certainly gotten a lot of criticism for her parenting style. This year she spoke about how she just weaned her 4-year-old son Fred off of breast feeding, a revelation that brought disgust and ridicule. But Mayim said she was very careful about where and when she nursed, knowing that it was a sensitive subject.

Her two kids — Fred had a big brother, 7-year-old Miles — are now old enough to have a bit of independence, Mayim said. They’ve also come into a big change in the family. Mayim finalized her divorce from husband Michael Stone in late May, ending their marriage amicably with each parent taking one of the homes they owned together.

Bialik cited irreconcilable differences, shooting down rumors that her use of attachment parenting brought about the split.

Mayim Bialik, who has devoted herself to becoming an advocate for parents, admits she can’t do it alone as a single mom. Mayim said she’s turned to other women to see what’s worked for them.

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18 Responses to “Mayim Bialik Tired Of Arguing About Attachment Parenting”

  1. Jamey Eichelberger

    My daughter's father left when she was almost four. Her sister who is 13 years older left in the middle of the night (young, dumb, and in love) a year and a half later. She slept with me due to the fear of abandonment. I was only going to allow her to sleep with me for a few weeks. That has turned into a few years. However, she is very close to me now. I breast fed her as well but only for eight weeks. I was unable to after that time. I wanted to feed her until she was one but unfortunately that didn't happen. I do feel there is a truth to attachment parenting. However, breastfeeding for four years is not something I would have done.

  2. Jack Smith

    Some just want attention.That's what it is about.It's amazing how some becomes a genius, when they get on internet.You do what you think is best, and to hell with the wannabee experts, smh.

  3. Rebecca Chamberlain

    Here is the real truth about attachment parenting. If it works for you, if you raise good kids who don't think they need to be criminals to survive, who want to be good citizen and good human beings, then go for it.

  4. Pietrucha Elayne

    hmmmm, this style may be a bit much, but it's better than the opposite…neglect and abuse!

  5. Marie Camp

    This parent chose this way how to raise her children, she is not abusing them physically or mentally. So if she feels this is right, she is right we should keep our opinions to ourselves.

  6. Heather L. Thompson

    I have friends who have used attachment methods and now have a child who is 13 and too dependent to even spend the night at a friend's house on her own. Moderation in all things is best.

  7. Sarah Holt

    As a child I was in and out of the hospital a lot my mom Breastfed me till I was three and I grew up just fine. If it works for you go for it if it doesn't it does not make you a bad parent. People need to chillax and raise their own kids and stop being so damned critical of how other people raise their children!

  8. Jose A Ruiz Marquez

    I have a 10 year old and we have raised him on the same model, he plays piano, runs skate hangs with his pals, it's very popular in school and we still sleep together a couple times a week, plus we have long chats and fully trust each other up to the point that we allow him to ponder and take some decisions that other parents think "How can you do that?". As long as you are not teaching the wrong values and neglecting your kid like a lot of parents do you are doing fine!

  9. Anonymous

    How many people get divorced, and how many (few!) practice attachment parenting? To suggest that the latter has a causal relationship with the former is a complete non-sequitur.
    They got divorced, and they practice attachment parenting. Although it's possible (looking in from the outside) that attachment parenting had something to do with the breakup, it's just as likely to have delayed the eventual divorce as accelerated it.

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