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Bill Maher Defends Paula Deen After Food Network Firing

Bill Maher Defended Paula Deen

Paula Deen found an unlikely defender in the form of Bill Maher, who stated on Friday night’s Real Time that Deen’s firing could have been “a shakedown.”

Deen apologized this week for occasionally “using the N-word” and commenting that she wanted a “Southern plantation style wedding” for her brother.

Maher defended Deen, saying, “This may have been a shakedown. People may have been trying to shake her down, that happens all the time, so I’m not sure what the original charge is. But she did admit to using the n-word, so the Food Network cut her off.”

After rehashing the events that led to Paula Deen’s contract ending with the Food Network, Maher asked his guests, “If you’re 66 years old, and you were raised in Georgia, and you were a child before the civil rights movement, do you get a bit of a pass?”

Guest Bob Hebbert, who is black and sat directly next to Maher, immediately responded with a resound no. But despite the opposition sitting next to him, Maher continued to defend Deen.

The host argued that Food Network’s choice to fire Deen was an instance of the outrage economy claiming another victim. He added, “I also think that people shouldn’t have to lose their shows and go away when they do something bad.”

While he defended Paula Deen, Bill Maher did admit that the southern chef did something reprehensible. But at the same time, Maher added that firing Deen wasn’t the right way to resolve the situation.

After a few days of PR, Food Network announced on Friday that it would not renew Paula’s contract. Maher also added of the N-word, “It’s just a word, it’s a wrong word, she’s wrong to use it. But do we always have to make people go away?”

His guest, Hebbert, argued that we do, especially if the word is “the N-word.” He added, “It’s a free country, she has the right to say that word. It’s not illegal to say that word. But her boss said, ‘you’ve gotta go it you’re gonna use that word.’ ”

Are you surprised to see Bill Maher defend Paula Deen?

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97 Responses to “Bill Maher Defends Paula Deen After Food Network Firing”

  1. Tom Kidd

    No. God knows Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter have said far worse and they're still raking in the dough.

  2. Kim Welborn

    Most of America as well as myself would agree that Paula was wrong to say that word, however she did not commit a crime. You can't tell me that none of the other chefs have not done something worse like maybe had a DUI, been abusive or said something they should not have. Firing someone who is apologizing and trying to self correct for saying a word or something said in their past is over the top. I agree with Maher.

  3. Patrick Harris

    Bill was correct about Paula and Food Network. Just stop watching Food Network as a protest for dumping Paula. Bet she pops up somewhere else better than ever.

  4. Velma Schwien

    Paula can start her own food network she doesn't need them she can put them out of business. When black people are allowed to say call white people cracker and she is fired for saying the N word that is pure crap! Racism goes both eays time we start firing for it as well!

  5. Betty Jeanne Downing Harris

    If she had lied would food network, have kept her?

  6. Lisa Abel-Alton

    bets a case of beer Hebbert has used the N word too… what a load of crap… I love you Paula and I love you Bill for defending a lovely lady…

  7. Jeff Barks

    Who the hell is Hebbert? He ain't nobody. But its alright for blacks to use it? This is alot of bullshit. Its a frigging word. When blacks use honkey is anything done? Hell no.

  8. Sheila Markowitz Wachsman

    I am stunned at all the Deen defenders. Just proves what I've known all along- racism is alive and well. Maher just defended her because he also lost his original show for something he said.

  9. Mejor Que TU

    This is absurd!! She used the n word and gets fired because she is a white woman. I live in a city where blacks call each other that all the time. Regardless of skin color, that word is used by rappers all the time. So it's ok for blacks to use it and it's no big deal but a white woman does and she loses
    Her job…this is wrong!!

  10. Cheryl Sandri

    I am so tired of hearing blacks whine about white people saying the N word! What it's ok for you to call your black friends N word and Rap your snappy little tunes that not only degrade blacks but also degrade women. Just listen to what rappers call music and you will see who is the bigger offender!
    I do not feel it is ok for anyone black or white to use anything that might be offensive period!!!
    Wake up Americans! This is the 21st Century grow up, suck it up, and let's move on this racial bashing on both sides is

  11. Tanesha Alicea

    Not sure cracker was used during a time were you worked for nothing and were beaten bloody and it was meant to minimize a person not sure someone who may have been called cracker in the early 90s (no one says that anymore) have had that happened I think the NWord has far more negativity behind it! Just a thought

  12. Carol Shell

    When Paula used the N word, it was in the 60's and the blacks were called that back then…I know time has passed and we use the black word instead of the N word. The blacks didn't have the freedoms they have now back then…Thank God that that has changed. The networks were wrong in not approving her contract…especially for something she said a long, long time ago… and that is too bad.

  13. Tanesha Alicea

    Problem is it is not ok for anyone to use this word any race… It's offensive no matter how you say it or spell it. I love Paula We have her cookbooks and I even own her cookware. I am just disappointed. I just think its a time were we should all be moving on past these words and leaving them In the history books. As a fan I am pretty disappointed because it applies to everyone in the world that we all have choices and I wish she made better ones. It's sad but she can redeem herself hopefully and just reestablish herself elsewhere and hope that everyone looks and what they say and do no matter what it is because its 2013 leave the past in the past…. That's all…

  14. Melinda Selby Luscomb

    quite frankly, I don't care what word Paula used or that she got fired. I don't watch her show because I don't like HER personality. So, I can't say I'm too sad or even surprised. Besides, it's not like she doesn't have a huge list of other stuff to fall back on…like cookware, cookbooks,….anything to do with cooking- that woman's name is on it. And I would rather buy her pots and pans for $100 than watch 5min of her show.

  15. Melinda Selby Luscomb

    The biggest problem here is that society makes the "N"word so taboo that alls someone has to do is accuse you of saying it and BAM, you are fired. Even if you didn't really say it. My husband lost a job once because he reprimanded a guy for doing sub-par work and told the man he had to re-do the work. The guy got angry and threatened to "beat my husband's ass" and then went to HR and accused him of using the "N" word. He had done this to other managers and anytime he got in trouble he always blamed it on other people being racist. The company kept him because they were afraid of a lawsuit. They got one anyhow from my husband. But that is what all this "discrimination" bullshit does to society, it gives EVERYONE the right to accuse others of "discriminating" against them just because they don't get along. I'm not saying Paula Deen was right and honestly, I couldn't care less about HER JOB, I only care about the fact that HONEST, HARD WORKING, people have to worry about using the wrong word for fear of offending someone and losing their jobs. It's not about discrimination. Black people call each other the "N" word all the time, but if a white person does it then they must be racist? Do the math people, the racism is in the people sitting around saying "I can't do this because people are discriminating against me" Don't cry about it, do something about it. I'm fat so guess what I did? I went to fucking college and got myself a degree. Try spending as much time educating yourself as you do whining about discrimination.

  16. Melinda Selby Luscomb

    I've heard "blacks" say they don't want to be called black, negro, African-American, or the N word but we are "white" WTF? I am not a damn ghost. So, I'm not sure what we are supposed to call them. What we should be doing is removing the stigma that is attached to those words. The only reason things like this happen is because everyone makes such a big deal of it.

  17. Kayse Gale Whitaker

    She admitted to using it in the past. The network doesn't want to be aligned with that kind of behavior. I don't blame them. It's not OK. I don't care who you are or what the circumstance is.

  18. Jean Archer

    Why can blacks use the "n"-word but whites get fired? This is a word and is offensive but it is not fatal

  19. Perry Platypus Kellogg

    So why is it OK for rappers to say it? If the word is so reprehensible, it certainly should not be used and promoted by the same people who demonize it!

  20. Letty Concepcion

    It's the policy if the food network to have zero tolerance for someone that represents there company to commit that type of behavior.

  21. Letty Concepcion

    Except cracker does not hold the same meaning or sting that the n word does. The connotations and pejorative use I what does.

  22. Perry Platypus Kellogg

    That, Letty, is a matter of opinion…..

  23. Tammy H H-Gee

    I find all this amazingly insane, WHO in this world has NOT said something some where in time that they later did not regret? What kills me about all this is racism is ALWAYS about white versus black, which is a load of crap! We have a black President, we have MAJOR black people in the music & movie industry, I think the racism stuff ended a VERY long time ago for all of us who are not skinhead bald & wearing "white pride" tattoo's. Black people call themselves & each other the N word, I mean come on my gosh! We ALL need to stop this racism crap, no one owns slaves any more & yes it was terrible that ever had to happen, I will never agree to that being right, nor will I ever agree to folks of color should have to sit in the rear of buses or be refused service or so forth, but I think it's way past time to put this racism crap behind us! & forgive poor sweet southern Paula Deen she was wrong but she has acknowledged that, move on people, she doesn't deserve to lose everything she worked for over one stupid incident! We are all human & we all err! poop happens kick some grass over that crap & move on! NO OFFENSE TO ANYONE!

  24. Darrielle Barfield

    if anyone knew anything they would know that for ages blacks have taken everything negative that was thrown at them and turned it positives. Nigger is offensive to us regardless of who uses it because it represses old memories …. African Americans took that word and reformed it to be used as a slang word in urban settings. referring to one another as a "nigga" is the same as white people referring to one another as "RED NECKS" . something that would be taken offensively if said by a black person to a white individual. do i agree with the N word ? no ! but im so tired of people using the argument that the black community uses it…. besides Paula had said more than just the N word whenever you go into a conversation about how the media wont allow you to dress the "Niggers" up the way they did back in the old days then clearly it was meant to be degrading and therefore can not be defended with some "she was raised in the 60's bullshit".

  25. Betty Brown

    I hear the N word in songs all day long, and why do the black people say the N words to another black person all day long. Why is the N word bad only if you are white.

  26. Rose Dothard

    Dang that was 20plus years ago. .growing up in the south it was passed down for generations. as a kid we played with black kids and they hated to e called black they said we are the N word they didn't mind it then… I think over the years we have come a long way ..also they call us white folks names … God loves all colors and that all that matters to me

  27. Fred C Ellenburg

    She c ould start her own program. She will be on her program very soon. Blacks do it to other blacks all the time and some think that it is funny. I will watch her…I like to eat. (Y)

  28. Sharita Angel Ballentine

    I love Paula Deen, I watch all her shows, I even cook most of the food that she teaches, but it was so wrong for her to use the n word. if she represented me or my brand, I would have fired her too…and really have u ever heard the Neely's, Sunny Anderson, or anyone of color, say craker or honkey I haven't… really people! u may not think it was wrong because u use it… and u don't like people of color, but its ok to want to b like us! and I was under the impresion that we all have a little of that brown shuga in us… so stop it! Paula Deen I love u, but I didn't know u felt like that…. ughhhhhhh tears!

  29. Tamara Dolor

    This also has nothing to do about race relations. This is an isolated event we are talking about, and not the fact that people are upset that they can't use a historically racist name in reference to African Americans. I think cracker and honkey went out in the seventies, which was well before many of us were born.

  30. Tamara Dolor

    Though you would like to think so, only an ignorant fool would compare the use of the horrid word by African Americans as being on the same level as a racist person of another race using it. But you are from Indiana, a not very liberal forward thinking place, so I can see why you would try to compare the two . . .

  31. Tamara Dolor

    You are stupid and fat. Trying to explain reason and history to you would be pointless. Why would you even open your dumb fucking high school educated mouth?

  32. Tamara Dolor

    You are not better than anyone as your namesake says because you are stupid. There is no regardless of skin color. Because of the history of relations between Africans and racist white people in this country that still exist, racist white people will never be able to openly say. Sorry to burst your bubble. If you say the word you will be outed amongst the world, and cultured white people as being the hillbilly racist you purport to be.

  33. Tamara Dolor

    I can see why you like her, you are a fat pig just like her.

  34. Tamara Dolor

    You are ignorant. Plan and simple. And I am wasting my time even talking to you. Apparently, though apparently you were alive during civil rights because you are old, ugly, and fat, perhaps you should pick up a history book and then perhaps you would understand why it is okay for black people to use it amongst themselves and why it is not okay for racist hillbillies to use it. Did you seriously drop out of high school or are you really that daft that you really can't see why it is not okay for a racist to be able to use a slur in public?

  35. Tamara Dolor

    No, she is being sued, a long with her brother for using recently. Did you miss the whole law suit against her?

  36. Tamara Dolor

    I bet you are disgusting fat butterball too if you eat that disgusting food. Try using the world black people or African American so you won't sound so redneck and uncouth.

  37. Tamara Dolor

    Pick up a history book, and that should solve your inquiry. And while you are at it, diet, because you are fat disgusting pig.

  38. Melinda Selby Luscomb

    Like I said, I'm not excusing her. I don't think she was right. I understand and support the network. I am just saying that society places a stigma attached to certain words. If society didn't allow those words to be anything more than a word, then the word would lose it's power. In my 100% honest opinion, EVERYONE should be equal. From Lila to Obama. No matter your age, education, background, race, sex, gender, nationality, ethnicity, WHATEVER. I am simply stating that racism is almost enforced by the power we give words like that. If we attached the "N" word to a fish, it wouldn't have the same power to do harm if I called someone an "N-word."

    Now, do I believe that while those words have that sort of power people should go around using it like they say "hello" NO, NO WAY. She was wrong. There is really no excuse and my grandmother is as old as Paula Deen and she doesn't use the "N" word so I don't find it acceptable for Paula Deen either. My argument was not for or against Paula Deen being fired, only on how much power words have. She should be more conscientious and careful, especially considering she is a public figure. Maybe it's something they teach these women when they go into reality star show-biz "how to be scandalous while dressing with dignity" or some other crap. She and Martha Stewart are two peas in a pod.

  39. Chuck Gardner

    This is bullshit. Black people use the word all the time. Why isn't there the same uproar over the NFL still allowed to use the name REDSKINS ? It's offensive to Native Americans and yet nothing happens because of financial reasons !!!!!! BULLSHIT !!!! I WILL CONTINUE TO SUPPORT PAULA DEEN !!!!!!!!

  40. Barbara Norrell

    If Paula has to go then all those ignorant rappers and others using the n word have to go also. If it is so offensive why do black people call each other that all the time. Double standard or stupidity? I support Paula Dean all the way and am finished watching the Food Network. If QVC drops her I will be finished with them also.

  41. Ian Pershing

    it goes both ways I got transfered out of my department cause I compained that the new teamleader told me he didnt like n words people are hyper freaked when it comes to race but in a world at ten years old was almost killed by my fellow students because there parents told them i was a dirty n word who didnt deserve to live i think i have a reason to be a little freaked when it comes to race

  42. Ian Pershing

    cause hell burning cross two blocks away from my house in allegan at the only black curch in allegan at age 15

  43. Ian Pershing

    but heres the truth we arent all equal some are better at math some people are stupid and some smart some moral and immoral some are good fighters some are rapest and drug dealers but we all start out the same and its decisions that makes us who we are some can make us good some bad the deciding factor is choice race means nothing it dehumanizes us and turns us in to unclean dirty and impure depending on our point of view and those of us who use it that way make themselfs inhuman

  44. Ian Pershing

    like for example when i was a kid this 18 year old boy used to throw rocks at me screaming that word . today he is locked up for rapeing his own child crappy people dont usaully stop at being crappy in just one way

  45. Michael Blasco

    Tamara, based on the history of each person on this comment string you could be insulting people in a deeper way than you think. Your defense by slandering others because of their ignorance simply fuels the fire. Don't validate ignorance because then you are condoning it.

  46. La Rubia

    Why cab't we be responsible for our own mouths? Why does everyone have to say "oh the black people can say it"…..why can't we have a little respect for our own selves? Have we no dignity?

  47. Mary Breitrick

    I think this soo stupid to fire here for saying the n word come on people grow the f up…there's alot of blacks that call themselfs the n word all the time even on tv…but if you actually think about its the whites word cuz if it wasnt for the white to come up with the name they wouldn't use it…and also its all right for the blacks call us white trash and shit like that and but yet johnny depp makes fun of the native americans and that's all right we native americans have to take it…..who's racist here..

  48. Chris L Ry

    Fuck Food network their suck anyway if they can fire someone over that they suck Paula d is great everyone once in their life said the nigger word, second thing is then stop Rap Music they have nigger on it they have sex shit on it stop Movies they say all the time come on people Food Network will lose a lot of viewers for this and a lot of chefs hope there happy for it.

  49. Mike Bookman Tressler

    Hey Tamara, I would think an educated person such as yourself would have something more to add to the conversation than obscenities and degrading insults. It is degrading to you and the black community which you speak for.

  50. Mike Bookman Tressler

    What exactly have Rush and Ann said that's worse? I've never heard the N word from either of them. Why did Robert Byrd get a free pass for saying the N-word, several times, on national TV? Oh yeah. Because he was a democrat. And democrats are allowed to be racists.

  51. Bonita Bandy Cooper

    and you have to stoop to name calling? If any word is to be taboo, then it needs to be taboo for all races. It's not acceptable for anyone to use the N word, no matter the race. To try and define it as worse for some than for others is also a form of racism. Think about it. The word will never go away as long as its acceptable for some to use and not others. I personally think it shouldn't be used by anyone. Unfortunately some tend to perpetuate using the word with the excuse that "it doesn't mean the same thing" when they use it. Wise up.

  52. Melinda Selby Luscomb

    Ian Pershing I know what you are saying. As far as being equal, I was referring to the fact that as long as we allow things like race, religion, gender, etc….to BE in issue, it ALWAYS WILL BE an issue. I had a discussion with someone who is prejudice (I say that because they are not JUST racist) and I explained my views like this:
    there is only one ME. There is not ONE other person in this entire world who is EXACTLY like ME. Nobody thinks like me, looks like me, feels like me, believes what I believe, etc…so to me, it doesn't matter what color your skin is, what religion you practice, what country you were born in, or language you speak (unless I am trying to fix my bill and we can't communicate- then I might get frustrated) but, bottom line- there is only one me. If I discriminated against people who were different based on ANYTHING then I should discriminate against everyone because they all have a different skin color and hair color and belief. And, well, that's just too many people to hate. So, I don't hate, unless it is on an individual basis and for VERY good reason. Like the guy who raped his kid- I could hate him. But, hating someone because of the color of their skin, that's just ridiculous. My skin is "white" but my son's skin is a different shade of "white" should I hate him? The whole racism thing is stupid to me. I don't understand hating an entire group of people, especially when you don' t know most of them, based on something so dumb. The real kicker is, it's not just white's that are racist though. It goes both ways. I once worked for a company where my mother was an employee and got promoted to management. One of the "black" ladies(and I use the term "lady" loosely) went around telling people that my mother only got promoted because she was white and you had to be white to get anywhere with that company. So, I went around making stupid ass remarks about how I didn't get the day off I wanted because I was blonde or a girl. Or I must have knocked that over because I was "white". She had been in the management training program and got kicked out because of that attitude but she still blamed on not being white instead of taking ownership of her poor work ethic and bad attitude. 100 years ago- white men/women did some pretty horrible shit to black people. But we weren't alive 100 years ago. So, I don't see why ANYONE alive today should take it out on one another on either side.

    Just my opinions and sorry it's so long but as you can tell- I am not prejudice in any way. However, I feel pretty strongly about how racism is used as an excuse. I PERSONALLY have seen it go both ways. The only way to change it, is to start the change. To say, I don't care if they say it, I am not going to let WORDS determine MY worth. And be better than that. YOU are WORTH more than the words some RAPIST called you. All that other stuff does is perpetuate the cycle.

  53. Stan Barnett

    Paula Deen ain't nobody either! She made a fortune cooking black cuisine! Cuisine by the way that is unhealthy as hell! The N word has gotten people killed. nevertheless it isjust a word, what if I called your wife or significant other a Bitch- would you take very kindly to that? I think not!

  54. Rosii Fancy-fancy

    It's not that she used the "N" word, its more of how she used it; want little black men and women to dress like "slaves", ppl use and toss the n word around a lot for example rappers are making millions in their lyrics but when you use it in a derogatory manner that's where the line is drawn. " I want a real southern wedding, with little n words dressed as slaves is offensive in that sense.

  55. Jen Lyons

    Whatever, Tamara. It is quite apparent it is you who is a racist. Not only a bigot, but a nasty filthy mouthed hater who is a bully, coming here calling people names like a child. You are absolutely pathetic.

  56. Robert Taylor

    this is a word that brings hate. only if said by a white person blacks use it as what up brother.

  57. Kat Gotkickedout Salazar

    Would they feel better if every other word she said was the "F" word? They are putting too high a value on the "N" word.

  58. Doug Williams

    And that is the stand that Hebbert took, that nigger is an unacceptable word for ALL people. Again – the first amendment has nothing to do with the social consequence of one's speech. It has to do with government enforced loss of your liberty due to speech.

  59. Doug Williams

    You obviously didn't watch the show – Hebbert specifically said that it is NOT okay for anyone to use that word. So the supposed hypocrisy you are crying about isn't there. So now do you agree with him? And BY THE WAY – context matters. Deen was using this language and behaving in racist ways AT WORK, She has also evidence casual racism on the air. She is not a comedian making a larger point. And the woman suing her and her Brother for creating a hostile work environment full of racism and sexual harassment is a white woman.

  60. Nicole Brown

    That word shouldn't be used by anybody no matter what color you are, pink with purple polka dots, obviously people do not know the REAL meaning of that word, ANYBODY can be that word, look it up people yoy might learn something!!!!!!

  61. Anthonyd Smith

    So, what are you upset because whites can't say it, or she lost her show? While I don't agree with her losing her show, I do agree as a public figure she and others are held to a different level. Remember when Michelle Obama made those remarks about her being proud of this country for the first time? White folks damn near jumped off the bridge when that comment leaked, yet said nothing when that 47% comment leaked from Romney leaked but as soon as a black person says something remotely close that offends white America you'll drag that person over the coals and then find a black person to offset what was said. And by the way, last time I checked, white kids not only call themselves for the N word, but call each other "white boy," and "cracker ," too

  62. Brett Corbett

    Cracker…thus post won't be deleted….that's the real problem people

  63. Destinee' Turner

    Okay NOT all Rappers rap about degrading woman or saying the N-word. Honestly I'm not offend by her using the N-word I was offended by rhe rest of her comment, which you realize the context of how she was using the N-word in a Racist manner.I want them to be in blks suit and ties and tap dance like in the shirley temple days (not a direct quote), She was flat out being ignorant and if a network doesn't condone ignorance then it is what it is. I feel the same way if one cannot use the word nobody should. Don't listen to certain rappers and put all rappers in one box, open your mind some preach about a struggle only some of us can relate to, the AMERICANS ignore. Preach about Love beautiful words.

  64. Emily DeFrees Wilson

    There's a strange phenomenon that's happened with the "n-word". Historically we used it in a derogatory way- whites referring to blacks. Now, it's acceptable in the rap music/thug music genres, because it's just how "they talk". It's like white people lost ownership of the word to black people. They can use it, and it's normal and okay. I think a famous rapper should come out in defense of Paula Deen. She was being honest about it in a deposition. I think no one should say it, but if you can call a buddy your "n-word" then you're just perpetuating its usage. Name calling is bad, regardless of your color, creed, religion, etc.

  65. Brenda Eppes

    I think its messed up that they would fire a well known amazing woman over one word its just a word hell nobodys perfect .so what yall are saying its ok that they can use that word and its ok but when they call us crackers its ok I'm just gonna put this out there paula deen Is a very special woman and she has put smiles on a lot of people faces I know she has mine and I also know all those other people yall have on food network trying to be like her well I just have to say they ain't got nothing on here she is amazing I live by her cooking I have her cook book and I call it my last thing I would do anything to be like her and would do anything to meet her I love you paula deen we gorgia girls have to stick togesther

  66. Kathleen Pelletier Keating

    Tamara: I wonder what Southeastern Law School would think of one of their (presumably students) posting such nasty, demeaning comments to those who disagree with her? As (I am again presuming) a budding lawyer, you need to learn to present your side of an argument in a much more professional manner. Your calling people names , and your immature tyraids, clearly show you are definitely not ready to be a professional. Hopefully your school will be more understanding of your inappropriate remarks and behavior than the Food Network was of Paula Deeen's. You should be ashamed of yourself (not your position, but of the childish, rude, nasty way you address other people.) Respect is earned, an no one respects anyone who flings derogatory names at others because they cannot articulate a persuavise argument.

  67. Gail Dennis

    Paula Deen is just a symptom of the problem. If we, and I mean Black people, want folks to stop using the word, we, us Black people have to stop using the word. We need to censor those who use with equal swiftness that Food Network censored Paula Deen. As for those Back people who say "but it ain't the same thing when we use it; it don't mean the same thing as when a white person uses it." BULL! That word still carries the stigma attached to it no matter WHO uses it and to WHOM. Until, we all come to the understanding that the word is belittling because of its history and the degradation attached; and eradicate it from our daily language we will never get past the film of prejudice that blankets this country and the world. This is my challenge to Black people, instead of getting up in arms when a White person uses the word by asking, "how dare you use such a word" ask yourself and your fellow Black people who use the word, "How dare YOU use such a word." If a word is taboo for one group of people then it should be taboo for all groups of people.

  68. Janet Foltz

    and they aired on the Today show one defender's post who claimed- "who hasn't used it…", well, I haven't and thankfully, I know a LOT of people who have not

  69. Gail Dennis

    @Tamara, in no way, shape, or form, was the "N-word" used in an affectionate manner. It was not and never was meant to convey any level of affection. The sole purpose was to demean and strip a people of their humanity so that those who owned slaves and those who use it can salve their consciences and lend the user as sense of superiority. In fact that is the sole objective of racial slurs. That term has only one meaning when it is used to refer to another person and serves only one purpose – total degradation, absolute humiliation, psychological torture. So you and others who think like you need to wake up and see the reality.

  70. Gail Dennis

    Know something Cheryl, I am tired of Black people whining also and I am also tired of White people whining. Blacks whine about Whites using the "n-word" and Whites whine about getting caught and losing whatever because they use the "n-word." Does that not tell us something? Like say, oh, it is time for both sides to quit using it.

    But, Cheryl, you used a stereotypical remark when you fail to preface your comment about rappers with "some or most or some well-known rappers" instead you lump all rappers into the same class. Please note that not all Blacks and not all Whites use the derogatory terminologies; and not all Blacks and not all Whites do the negative things that are done by some Blacks and some Whites.

    So, guess what, we don't have to "suck it up" but we do need to move on and keep fighting for the usage of derogatory language to be stricken from our lexical.

  71. Sam Goodell

    Everyone has used a racist word. At least she admitted it.

  72. Paul Lorenzo

    You're not exactly a supermodel yourself Tamara…All your hateful messages paints a picture uglier than toilet bowl full of shit.

  73. Sharon Creviston

    Paula Deen has many black friends and has had black employees for many many years.

  74. Colleen Brown

    Wow, just reading the comments about this story is sad. Name calling is wrong, just like bullying is wrong. I hope everyone who is writing on this post is reading their own post, and some of the name calling that is going on. As I always have told my children, there will always be people out there that don't think like you. If you lower yourself to their level, then you are just as bad. People in general need to stop being so judgmental and maybe try to get to know one another for who they are.

  75. DaJuan Formen

    DaJuan Formen I wonder if they gave all employees of the Food Network a lie detector test about using racial slurs how many would still be on the payroll. Paula is not the first person to use a racial slur and unfortunately she will not be the last to (black, white, puerto ricans, mexican, indian) , whatever. As a black man, I hear black, white, latinos, in the hood saying nigga all the time. maybe if black people stop using it so freely others will follow. "Nigga" "Nigger" all the same to.

  76. Tom Gunlicks

    My oh my. I am NOT a Paula Dean fan, but the use of this word was years ago. PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN GLASS HOUSES SHOULD NOT THROW STONES.

  77. James J Schoessling

    Walgreen's, Walmart, The Food Channel and several more have now dropped her. Apparently many more feel the same as I do. I was in the hospital for over five months, so a lot of that time was spent watching the Food channel. When her show came on I simply couldn't stand to watch it and changed channels. With her syrupy antebellum Southern accent, and preparing food with all the bling on her fingers. And that "you all" phony accent just made me sicker than I already was.I think she is a phony.– Quite frankly Scarlett, I don't give a Damn — Ret. They are all now finally getting her number.

  78. Patricia Hyde

    Listen! The "N" word is blasted all over today, I hear it where I work all the time( I work with kids that are locked up) Paula Deen said it 30 yrs ago! Leave the girl alone! God bless.

  79. Patricia Hyde

    What are you talking about? What world do you live in! All I Hear is "N" this And "N" That on the street. Give me a break!

  80. Jo Vantrease Law Fenimore

    You may already know this, but it was announced in todays Gallatin Examiner that the new fire/rescue boat for the Gallatin Fire Department would be named after Steve. The dedication is Tuesday.

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