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Obamacare 40 Hours ‘Fix’ Will Increase Full Time Employment Up From 30

Obamacare 40 Hours 'Fix' Will Increase Full Time Employment Up From 30

The Obamacare 40 hours fix will increase full time employment hours to 40 from the previously defined 30 hours per week.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, an Obamacare hiring freeze is causing small businesses to either downsize or cut hours.

Although many Americans consider full time employment to be 40 hours, there is no universally accepted or government set definition for full time employment. Individual employers are free to set standards for their own workforce. Some people work 32 hours and are considered full time. But all that changed with Obamacare.

Because Obamacare defined a 30 hours government standard for full time employment, businesses are responding to the Affordable Care Act by reducing employee’s hours to less than 30. They’re doing this in order to avoid steep fines and paying for a percentage of all their employee’s health insurance benefits.

54 percent of Americans oppose the implementation of the Affordable Care Act passed several years ago in 2010. If too many workers find themselves working less than 30 hours they won’t be able to afford health insurance without being heavily subsidized. This presents a problem since the Obamacare state exchanges need at least 2.7 million Americans in the 18-to-35 age group to sign up. If they don’t, the Obamacare state exchanges will fail and Obamacare will die with it.

In response to this dire situation, both Democrats and Republicans who voted against Obamacare are working together to “fix” Obamacare by changing the new federal definition for full time work hours from 30 to 40. Another problem facing Congress is that if so many employee’s hours are reduced to under 30 hours per week, then “that in turn means there will be fewer tax revenues flowing into the federal government.” The Obamacare 40 hours change will fix that problem as well.

Do you think the Obamacare 40 hours fix is fair to American workers?

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14 Responses to “Obamacare 40 Hours ‘Fix’ Will Increase Full Time Employment Up From 30”

  1. Tommy Breece

    Maybe not, but if we can get our hours back that we lost because of this, I don't care. As long as I can live and meet my bills, then I'm good.

  2. Kristy Ann

    Kristy Ann I had to get help, after I lost a job and when I got a job that didn't pay enough to put food on the table for my kids they still helped, it's not always lazy ass people on food stamps, but that working parent who's working like a dog and still cant put enough food on the table cause all your money is keeping a roof over your heads and the basic bills paid! I was being taxed at the same time I was getting help! so watch what your saying people, It's not always a lazy ass person taking advantage! Sometimes people just need help!

  3. Patricia Quick Desmond

    Maybe the desired implementation of the Act has escaped you Mr. Frye? We fully expect employer based health care to be slowly fazed out. You didn't know that? We want a single payer system that puts United Health Care, Cigna, and the rest completely out of business. Making this transition will be hard for some people simply because it's change. Like going from horses to cars, some people just didn't like it. Oh well.

  4. Mary Schriever

    I think the argument that tax revenues will decrease cause the hours of individuals are reduced is flawed. Companies may hire more workers who work fewer hours, but they are not going to cut overall hours if it lowers their profits. That would be the proverbial cutting off of the nose to spite the face.

  5. Joe Wojo Jr

    But the Republicans, that's right the republicans want to do this, EVERY plan they have put out in the last 30 years has transferred the tax burden to the people working 40 hours. AND they have repeatedly tried to cut every possible program to benefit the poor including EDUCATION. We think of the HUNGER GAMES as a story about a dystopia. The only part the Republicans don't like are the clothes the clowns in charge are wearing.

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