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Paula Deen Fired By The Food Network

Paula Deen fired by the Food Network

Paula Deen is being fired by the Food Network.

The cooking channel announced late this afternoon that it “will not renew Paula Deen’s contract when expires it at end of month,” according to Mediaite and several other sources.

The celebrity chef has been engulfed in controversy as a result of a lawsuit filed by former employee Lisa Jackson who accused Deen and her brother of sexual harassment and using racial slurs while she worked as manager of Uncle Bubba’s Seafood and Oyster House in Savannah, Ga. The revelations emerged as a result of deposition transcripts in the case.

Representatives with the Food Network previously stated that they were evaluating the situation adding that they do “not tolerate any form of discrimination and [are] a strong proponent of diversity and inclusion.” In essence, however, the handwriting was on the wall for Paula Deen, i.e., that she would likely get her “burn notice” as it were.

Deen, 66, was supposed to appear on the Today Show this morning, but was a no-show.

Deen uploaded a YouTube apology earlier today, which since has been taken down. She replaced it with a second “helping” which is embedded above. In the video, Deen maintains that she and her family are not being portrayed fairly in the media and also says in part “I’m so sorry; yes I’ve worked hard and I’ve made mistakes, but that is no excuse, and I offer my sincere apology to those I have hurt and I hope that you forgive me because this comes from the deepest part of my heart. And I will continue work and continue to do good things for good people.” She also added that she was physically unable to make the Today Show appearance.

In additional legal problems for Paula Deen, she and the other defendants were allegedly held in contempt of court for failing to turn over a blooper reel in which she swears up a storm and even simulates a sex act. They subsequently complied with the court order, RadarOnline reports.

Are you at all surprised that the Food Network is parting ways with Paula Deen?


Added: The Food Network has yet to elaborate on its decision not to renew Deen’s contract according to Deadline Hollywood. “Today the Food Network did not say why Deen was dropped. But a media frenzy mounted over the revelations in that deposition for the lawsuit … In the document, Deen admitted that in her past she used racial slurs in her family life and tolerated racist jokes in the workplace, all of which ran counter to her beloved image.”

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111 Responses to “Paula Deen Fired By The Food Network”

  1. Paula Qualls Gurley

    No need for a trial. She has been convicted and sentences by the court of public liberal opinion. Food Network, so glad I never watch you.

  2. Jackie S Carrico

    Paula should not be fired as she is not the only person to make a mistake. Food network is & ( I hope they do) feel the loss she is going to bring to them… Paula is the better person as she recognized & made a correction ot rectify her error….. Bad mistake & error in very POOR judgement on food networks part. I, for one will not patronize food network again.

  3. Frances N Moore

    she so damn rich she could start her own food channel and I hope she does, the rest of the chefts should go on strick as a result and every one tune out that channel till she is back on it.shame on them.

  4. Sherri Long

    Goes to show that your past bites you in the ass every time. I actually found her quite charming. I hate that all this has happened. Now if only people like Rush Limpdick would get the same treatment when bullshit comes out of his mouth the world would be a much better place.

  5. Nancy Whitmire Johnson

    The only reason that this is being pushed all out of proportion is because Paula is in the public!!! I dare anyone to say, in all honesty, that they have never said a slur of one form or another!!!

  6. Toni Shelton

    I think you are saying that something happened MAYBE? She admitted to it. And FN has every right to choose who they want representing their channel.

  7. Tim Carrie Woolsey

    just one more thing for people to bitch about…like no one as ever made a mistake before…

  8. Debbie Hurline Preston

    wow! very surprised….but understandable….keep yur opinions to yourself…everyone has an opinion but some are better kept to yourself! I really love her show….''but'' you cannot do this! unacceptable! *your

  9. Toni Shelton

    When someone ADMITS to something like this they have to know there will be fall out. And Food Network has every right to choose who they want to represent their channel. Besides I have yet to meet anyone who is making a mistake when they use racial slurs or sexually harass anyone. It's what they do. It only becomes a "mistake" when you get called out on it. Everyone is sorry then.

  10. Amie Byers

    Everyone is capable to love and also capable to hate. It's human nature whether we admit it or not.

  11. Jo Phillips

    Did she say it on tv or was it a private conversation. I think political correctness is going over board now days. All it takes is one person to be offended and it is blown out of proportion.

  12. Janice MacKenzie

    Thanks for that reminder, Toni. Yes, Paula Dean is free to make offensive comments, and can apologize for them in response to freely expressed outrage from the viewing public. Others are free to defend her or to condemn her or to forgive her. And the Food Network is free to drop her show from their programming. Thank goodness the First Amendment applies to all of us, and not just those who agree with us.

  13. Ericka Ellison

    She deserved to be fired and I really like Paula. Why is it ok for her to use racial slurs I LOVE THE FOOD NETWORK! Way to stand up for the right this.

  14. Jamie Callaghan

    Not renewing a contract is different to firing.

  15. Priscilla CW Gwynn

    Debra Meadows I don't know just know she was sued supposely for sexual harassment and saying the n word. I think the media has just blown everything up just like they do with everything esle

  16. Sheryl L Steininger

    that was not all it was at all I read the court document and was thoroughly shocked throughout! Look this up and read the entire document if it was just that that would be one thing but it is not it goes way beyond that. It was that part that really caught peoples attention its also about severe gender discrimination and sexual harassment and physical threats. Just look up the link and read the court document

  17. Sheryl L Steininger

    that was not all it was at all I read the court document and was thoroughly shocked throughout! Look this up and read the entire document if it was just that that would be one thing but it is not it goes way beyond that. It was that part that really caught peoples attention its also about severe gender discrimination and sexual harassment and physical threats. Just look up the link and read the court document.

  18. Todd Clay

    so its o.k. for big fat sherri long to call rush names…..but not for other people to call names? typical liberial idiot!

  19. Sheryl L Steininger

    It was not just one mistake! The n word deal was just one thing there was soo much more read the court document and you will understand why food network dropped her

  20. Kathy Russo Griffin

    I am an avid watcher of the food net work I WILL NOT watch them again if they fire paula. she is s a great, friendly , family orientated lady and I think very highly of her. boo booo and booo for your choice in fireing her.

  21. Sheryl L Steininger

    If everything in the court document is true she deserves everything that the judgement will cover

  22. Kris Fulton

    she admitted to using the n-word. also, she was set to cater a party and wanted black actors to play slaves. i'm sure you'll find something else to watch lol

  23. Janice MacKenzie

    As Rhett said to Scarlett: You're like the thief who isn't the least bit sorry he stole, but is terribly, terribly sorry he's going to jail.

  24. Mindy Gooniesneversaydie Schmacht

    People don't accidentally say the N word or any other racial slur. I'm white. I've been white my whole life. I've never said a racial slur about someone in my entire life of being white, not accidentally or otherwise. It's not like she said one word completely unintentionally when she said another (i.e orgasm but meaning organism). Being a racist and sexually harassing someone is NEVER okay. I can't believe people are even defending this. I feel like the guy in the commercial when the little girl says "what about infinity times infinity" and he demonstrates his mind being blown.

  25. Duane Steed-Harden

    Who cares? Slap some butter on it n mobe on with yer life. This world is so full of pansie-ass people lookin to tell anybody these days

  26. Mindy Gooniesneversaydie Schmacht

    I guess that's what all the butter is for. I'm not going to lie, she is an awesome cook but that doesn't make being a racist or sexist okay. Hitler was a phenomenal painter, doesn't make him a decent individual.

  27. Mindy Gooniesneversaydie Schmacht

    I guess that's what all the butter is for. I'm not going to lie, she is an awesome cook but that doesn't make being a racist or sexist okay. Hitler was a phenomenal painter, doesn't make him a decent individual.

  28. Susan LoBasso Curran

    Ridiculous guess we don't live in a free country anymore with all this shit going on

  29. Barbara Ann Carrico Carlson

    They didn't have a choice and no matter what they do they are going to anger people. But if they resign her then they are saying they agree with the words she used. A celebrity (be it sportscaster, sports manager, etc.) represent the "Brand" they work for and their actions are considered to be part of that company's image unless the company makes it clear they do not agree. The only way a company can do that is to sever ties. Either by immediate dismissal (firing) or not renewing a contract when it expires.

  30. Duane Steed-Harden

    And th next time actors are needed to play slaves we'll get th Chinese to do that part because, well, we all know thier plight in American history.

  31. Mariah Dee Frederic

    I freaking love Paula, the lady can cook and she's beautiful. Yes I think she should get her own show because, bump working up under ppl and rules. Yes she might have done bad things but who in the h*** hasn't. I love Paula and I hope and pray things get better.

  32. Fred Davis

    You don't have to commit a crime to be fired. If you run a business, YOU decide where your principals stand, form a policy around them that employees must follow and make decisions accordingly. Food Network decided they don't want someone who says the word "nigger" working for them. Good for them.

  33. Joyce Franklin

    And now, if only Obama would get the same treatment for his bold face lies. We need a president that appreciates this country.

  34. Edna Utter

    She was the only one I watched when my daughter had the Food Network on. She has been real and down to earth but if she said the "slurs" she should not have. A couple on there act so phoney I would not bother.

  35. Mindy Gooniesneversaydie Schmacht

    This wasn't "back than" this is was from 2005 and on. If she's 66 now she was what 59 and older as this was happening. At 59, you know running around calling people the N word is not appropriate at all.

  36. Mindy Gooniesneversaydie Schmacht

    Also calling someone "my little Jew girl" is beyond demeaning and in my opinion racist.

  37. Joyce Franklin

    Everything else, except holding this administration accountable!

  38. Sheila Goddard

    to bad we are all human, guess we make mistakes. we pay for them but stop finding stupid law suits.. Should I sue someone for calling me half breed? I am An=merican Indian and irish/german.. Grow up people…

  39. Tangie Matthews

    Who cares she isn't the only old lady that knows how to cook okay YALL.

  40. Francyne Mannella Brunette

    I am sick of all this crap…I bet not one person is crying because of anything she said. Political correctness makes me want to puke.

  41. Cynthia Copeland-McIntosh

    Using the "N" word is not a crime but it is not an accepted behavior for someone in mainstream media. Once the cat is out of the bag there is no going back. Food Network, IMO, is making the correct decision to not renew this womans contract. They have a good reputation and the recent events, should they keep her on, will taint that reputation indicating that they condone this type of behavior. It's not a matter of political correctness going overboard. It's a matter of respecting another human being.

  42. Marsha Young

    All the N's of this world are getting away with too much all in the name of slavery , Hitler condemmed the wrong group of people. This is only through the grapevines.

  43. Cathy Howard

    Its all over and done with..Give Paula some time…Like she said we all make mistakes…FOODNETWORK IF YOU FIRE PAULA I WILL NEVER WATCH THAT SHOW AGAIN.

  44. Brandon Edwards

    And this is shocking???? as if she is the ONLY one who used that word? white celebrities been throwing that word out like hot pancakes. so apparently she used it years ago and it just now getting noticed? sounds more like a stunt to me. to be honest she probably always be saying it rather out loud or in her head. like look at that *nigger* eating my food. sorry but this sounds fishy to me.

  45. Brandon Edwards

    Only reason she is sorry about it is because she got caught. If nobody didn't see the video or it had never been aired. would we be hearing any of apologies from her or anybody for that matter nope.

  46. Stephani Cole


  47. Mary Pennington

    Slurs are slurs. As like everyone else in the "entertainment" business who get caught for doing something bad, that's when the "from the bottom of my heart" apologies run rampant after the fact. She's as phoney as they get. Her "southern" accent never used to be that thick when she first started, her cackle wasn't as pronounced when something actually was funny and that "ya'll" business is so over done. I quit watching her and the whole network years ago so firing her really makes no difference to me. I am just surprised it wasn't done sooner.

  48. Teresa Zimmerman

    AMEN Joyce Franklin, We sure do need a Better President who cares 4 the AMERICAN PEOPLE.

  49. Erin Reyes

    This really shocks anyone? I don't doubt a word of the accusations against her. She is only sorry that she is losing her well paying job and that her true self has finally revealed itself, that she is nothing more than a racist.

  50. Penny Ferrington Rials

    Well, how about all the times white people get called cracker ghostie and the other remarks….don`t see anyone getting fired over that…and no I don`t use the n word or any of the others..I have a daughter-in-Law that Black and 2 beautiful grandbabies and I will slap your face off if you say something stupid about her or my babies….but this mess gets carried to far on both sides of the time to climb off of it and shut up…

  51. Spring Bolin

    Really…Obama ifs 1/2 white or ifs all you people can see ifs the 1/2 that is black. Paula Dean admitted to what she said and also said she wanted a restaraunt based on slavery with black servers as slaves…that is terrible! She deserves to be fired!

  52. Julie Goldberg

    I cannot believe all the ignorant comments on here, especially the ones who just LOVE to play the racist card. What an ingorant thing to say. Someone says one word and suddenly they're a racist. What in the HELL Is this world coming to?

  53. Julie Goldberg

    Exactly Sheila, I agree with you. If I were her, I wouldn't apologize and kiss up to anyone.

  54. KingBee King

    Doesnt surprise me one bit.. Black america know that not all but ALOT of white americans dont like, respect, or consider blacks as equals.. Understandable considering the centuries of entitlement bestowed upon thee.. Id rather deal with a openly proud racist then a cowardly spineless(sheet covered) smile in your face stab you in the back wasted of human flesh.. Say what you wanna.. Pres. Obama is the most disrespected president in history and spare me the BS about his politics.. He was getting death threats before he got elected and 100x worse after..

  55. John Gleichweit

    I'm sure that Lisa Jackson has never made any kind of racial slur against her White co-workers, or in her family life…

  56. Terrica Mccloud

    Joyce Franklin and others all of your presidents have been liars and racist to some extent why don't we just punish them all equally, not just obama because if you hold him on grounds that you will not and have not held other politicians on, that will make you racist.

  57. Erin Reyes

    Too bad Frances N Moore you can not even spell. The only reason you side with Deen is because you are a racist also, shame on you!
    good for Food Network get rid of her!

  58. Joyce Franklin

    Really, Terrica, all I can say to you is, do your homework. We need to stop looking at the color of ones skin and examine their character.

  59. Erin Reyes

    Marsha it is such a shame your parents reproduced. You make me ashamed to be white. You are a disappointment to the entire human race.

  60. Robert Roseboro

    American people or white people.. Let's not hide behind words

  61. KingBee King

    Wow.. Some people are so self centered and dont realize their racist undertone.. @Joyce and Stephani.. Obama is pres for All people not for black people.. And for you to call him a racist show your ignorance and the entitlement that you think thats been stripped from you.. Funny.. Ur problem should be with the millions of people who voted for this "so-called racist" whom so happen to look like you..

  62. Darcy Faye

    A lot of you leaving comments condoning paula deens actions and then in the next sentence bash our president sound like nothing more than closet case racists.

  63. Donna Trondson

    it's not acceptable behavior for anyone! Time for all of to realize we are all human no matter what color your skin is. We all feel, love, hurt and bleed. We are all God's children.

  64. Vera Davis

    It's all about someone getting money out of her. But on reality TV and daytime talk shows, it's ok to call each other horrible names and beat the shit out of each other? She doesn't need Food Network….she made them famous, not the other way around.

  65. Diane Kaczka

    I'm amazed you put a tag on someone and blame liberals for ousting paula deen. So for the record can we say Paula Gurley condones bad behavior and thinks it's ok to cuss and discriminate against those that she employs…so glad i don't work with you or for you. If you don't work, then maybe you should so you can know what its like to be amongst the working people that may encounter this type of abuse on a regular basis.

  66. Amelia Bigler

    Well this offends millions not just one person. I disagree with you, they are not going over board!

  67. Holly Hudspath Sbarro

    the word racist is so reserved for white people but blacks are very racist indeed, they see everything through the lens of race

  68. Shirley Tardiff

    Times change, people change. Everything is so "politically correct" no one can say anything now with out being offensive. If you really check things out, all races were saying things. If you knew the person and were friends, they didn't consider it racist, they considered it "ragging" on each other. History is history and things that happened are in the past. Learn and go on. If you don't learn, than you get what you deserve.

  69. Amelia Bigler

    Also I can not believe how many people are liking this ignorant comment. Where is the dislike button!

  70. Paula Qualls Gurley

    NO, Diane Kaczka, I am saying there are courts of law for these issues…..she hasn't even made it to court and has been found guilty.

  71. Michael Bell

    Look forward to following her wherever she ends up. Sadly the self righteous people over at Food Network hope no one publishes their errors… The family business will press on with or without the network, and will likely grow in areas under the FN contract…

  72. Leanne Thompkins

    to say they are going over board means you have not even read the court document associated with this. People are focusing on just one part though which is sad because it wasn't just the racist slurs. If the allegations in the court document are true it just means no matter how america trys to claim equality publicly privately and behind closed doors equality is just for show still in many areas. This is not only about race but also gender and sexual harassment claims as well.

  73. Arlene Brauer Marker

    That is perfect Janice….shame on Paula for her behavior…how hurtful to the people who helped make her wealthy.

  74. Janice MacKenzie

    Really – Obama? Just what does this have to do with anyone other than Paula Dean? She, and her brother, are being sued for verbally abusing their employees. If you've ever had a job in a hostile work environment, you know how awful it is to endure abuse every damn day. Stop excusing her behavior – she's a grown woman who chose to throw her weight around in a truly ugly and classless manner. Read the transcript of the deposition – it's appalling.

  75. Donna Roberts

    so typical of media to blow everything out of proportion and negative people to exploit and make assumptions. that is why we have ended up the way we are. Paula apologized.enough network no longer will have my viewing audience either.

  76. Sherry Heim

    I am surprised if they are just not holding off until the courts decide, yes. At this point it is mainly hearsay and until the verdict is pronounced, she should not be fired. Truly, she does not need The Food Network and I really feel that there has been a witch hunt going on for a long time, here. Why did this employee wait so long to decide that the family was guilty of these things. Was the employee just waiting until now so that they could cash in on the family's wealth? I would see more credibility in this if there was no financial compensation being sought. As far as bloopers are concerned, if you have ever been around a movie or tv shoot, you know that things just fly, unintentionally or perhaps even intentionally, knowing full well that there will be another take for the viewers.

  77. Patti White Kruse

    I was wondering when Obama would get the blame for this.

  78. Cheryl Edwards

    we don't need bigots like you ever talk about being a racist and un-American you guys are dont use this to spread your bigot thoughts how does her sorrow involve our President

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