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Princess Beatrice Unveils Another Giant, Confusing Hat At Royal Outing

Princess Beatrice Unveils Another Giant, Confusing Hat At Royal Outing

Princess Beatrice has a reputation for showing up to royal events in giant hats with odd corners and ornamentation, and the 24-year-old who is fifth in line to the throne didn’t disappoint at a recent royal event.

She showed up to an outing at Royal Ascot along with her sister Eugenie and some other royals decked out in a gold fascinator, which for the non-fashion world is a giant flat circle of a hat that extended down around her forehead (the one pictured above is another from her silly hat collection). The outfit won praise from The Daily Mail, but to any non-royal looked like something a giant coaster.

Beatrice is best known for the giant hat she wore to the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, one that has been called the worst of all time.

While her famous family members Prince William and Kate Middleton have become ambassadors both in England and across the globe, Beatrice has a lighter workload. She’s been criticized for doing little more than showing up to royal events.

In fact, Princess Beatrice was once named the No. 2 least influential person in the world by GQ magazine.

It seems that Princess Beatrice could follow the example of her sister, Eugenie. The Daily Mail reported this week that she’s stepping out of the privilege royal life for a bit to take a real job in America. The 23-year-old has taken a position at the New York-based auction house Paddle8, part of her entry into the art world.

“Since leaving university Eugenie has been committed to working in the arts world and has done some internships but is now set to take on a permanent role at graduate level,” a friend of the Duchess of York told the Daily Mail. “From October she is going to work and live in New York, before returning to London where the company is setting up a new office.”

Eugenie, who earned a degree in art history and English literature at Newcastle, had already done work at the auction house Christie’s and at the Royal Collection in Buckingham Palace, where she’s known to work alongside and grab lunch with her fellow workers.

“She is determined to be a working woman with a full-time job,” the source said.

Princess Beatrice also showed this week that she can do more than wear silly hats. She visited Halifax, West Yorkshire, to officially open the new Trinity Academy school and paid a visit to the Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice before attending a luncheon and fashion show at The University of Huddersfield.

Pictures of Princess Beatrice in her gold fascinator can be seen here.

(Princess Beatrice photo via Wikimedia Commons)

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28 Responses to “Princess Beatrice Unveils Another Giant, Confusing Hat At Royal Outing”

  1. Katherine P Page

    hat pictured is neither giant nor confusing……

  2. Anonymous

    They still look like the ugly stepsisters from Cinderella.

  3. Bernice Reeves

    Giant? Confusing? What hat are you referring to?

  4. Bernice Reeves

    They did not post it, because it is neither large or confusing.

  5. Anonymous

    spoiledrottenbrat1965..sounds like you know ALL about ugly

  6. Colleen Whalen

    Idle, rich, aimless and fugly. Even when they show up better dressed, they always seem to be dumpy and tacky looking with no fashion sense. With all their money, they have access to the best stylists in the world. I don't think showing up at the opening of a hospital is a "job". Both of these girls seem to be spoiled rotten and aimless. I used to like Fergie – but am fed up with her spendthrift ways. Neither of her daughters remotely seem to have any work ethic. Why aren't they doing humanitarian work? Prince harry and william work very hard at REAL jobs. These girls have a huge security team paid for by UK tax payers – they don't seem to really serve ANY purpose to benefit the people of the UK. Reminds me of useless Princess Margaret who was an idle, spoiled dilletante. Why doesn't the Queen demand they get REAL jobs?

  7. Anna Bella

    First, it's not "giant." Secondly, even if it were, Ascot is all about giant, confusing hats. By Ascot standards, her hat is tiny and dull.

  8. Allison Lynn Baggett Tate

    Obviously you missed the part where the younger Princess Eugenie not only graduated from college but is working in the art world even taking a position in NY. It's easy to assume they do nothing but shop and "do lunch" with the fellow rich because they are only talked about when attending royal functions and wearing silly hats.

  9. Mochelle Rodgers

    The press is nutz. Her hat was tame, very tame, compared to what women wear at the horse race. She wouldn't even turn heads in that hat at the Kentucky Derby.

  10. Joseph A. Cappachione

    If you run a story, even a lame one with no basis in fact, and written by a fifth rate hack "journalist" you have to show the picture that goes with the story. And BTW MORON, it's Ascot week where the tradition is to wear huge outrageous hats.

  11. Valette Hamilton

    Since this site chose not to publish a picture of her hat I went elsewhere and found a picture. It's very understated, not huge at all, very tasteful. It's about the size of her sister's hat above.

  12. Helen Sabin

    She needs a good orthodontist and a hat designer. And like Katherine says below – the hat is neither….so much for the headline. It got us to read it though didn't it?

  13. Helen Sabin

    pdavis770 – Spoiled rotten does know – this girl is seriously unattractive – kind of like Chelsea Clinton. They need braces for their teeth and get hats…..go figure!

  14. Helen Sabin

    Allison Lynn Baggett Tate – they don't do anything. And taking a job is like Chelsea clinton being a 350K a year commentator or talking head on some TV show -get real!

  15. Sharon Tyrrell

    Sorry, I don't get it! This hat in this picture isn't big or strange looking but maybe the author is this article is!

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