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Greenville NC Walmart Shooting Suspect Caught

Greenville NC

Greenville, NC — Four people were shot in a gun attack near and then in the parking lot of a Greenville, North Carolina Walmart on Friday shortly before noon.

Both the Walmart and nearby Kellum Law Firm have been described as crime scenes by Greenville Police Chief Hassan Aden. According to a WXII 12 news station report, the suspect is believed to have shot but not killed a person sitting in a car outside the law firm.

He then ran across five lanes of traffic to shoot and injure three more people in the Walmart parking lot.

Greenville police officers engaged with the shooter, eventually shooting him and bringing him into custody. At the time of writing, he was undergoing surgery. The four victims are also receiving treatment at local hospitals.

Witnesses said that the man was wearing a bulletproof vest and carrying a rifle. Some people said that the man was dressed all in black.

In a statement to local media, Police Chief Chief Aden said that the weapon was actually a shotgun. He also said that the suspect was carrying a great deal of ammunition as well as a satchel.

An extended WTSP story said that the first man who was shot outside the law office was an insurance adjuster sitting in a Geico car.

However, the police haven’t yet released any names or confirmed a lot of the observations made by other witnesses.

Walmart spokeswoman Dianna Gee stressed that no one was hurt inside the Walmart. The entire shooting spree took place outside on the streets of Greenville, NC.

No Walmart associates were believed to have been injured.

Shooting sprees and gun violence have been the subject of debate ever since the December Sandy Hook shooting which left 20 school children dead and awakened a national debate about gun reform. However, new gun control measures have been deadlocked in Congress.

There are still plenty of open questions about the shotgun rampage — including the motive behind the Greenville, NC shooting.

[shotgun shells photo by Greg Dunlap via Flickr and Creative Commons]

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19 Responses to “Greenville NC Walmart Shooting Suspect Caught”

  1. Ken Clute

    and with gun reform, this guy would have said to himself,"OH crap, I can't use my shotgun to commit this crime now, I guess I'll have to use something else!"

  2. Michael Lawson

    Yes, we all know, Ken. (Sigh) The answer to gun violence is more guns. If everyone carried guns, we'd be safer, plus we could attack and overthrow the government when it became "tyrannical." ( AKA My side lost the election.) Yeah, we get it, Blah blah.

  3. Steven Manson

    And once again I point to Washington DC, Chicago, San Fran, LA where handguns are ILLEGAL yet those cities top Handgun related crimes every year. When are YOU gonna get it through your head that BANNING shit DOESN'T CHANGE A THING. Lets take away guns. They'll use cars. Ban them. They'll use knives. The list could go forever. PEOPLE kill PEOPLE. Always have, always will. Why should MY RIGHTS in this country be taken away cause some feel safer sucking their thumb at night without a gun? If it's SOOO unsafe MOVE TO ANOTHER COUNTRY THAT BANS GUNS. O right, there isnt one that bans guns and enjosy the Governmental Freedom that we do.

  4. Jacki Davies

    Well here comes the shotgun ban and the ban on men carrying purses or satchels.

  5. Stephen Zimmerman

    Don't publicize the suspects name. It only encourages these losers to make themselves known. If the media stops making their names known in every household they will go back to dining on a bullet in their moms basement. (Not blaming the media for these sick ppl).

  6. Blue Bear

    Yes, we all know, Micheal. (Sigh) The answer to gun crime is to disarm law-abiding Americans and trust the thugs this story is about to suddenly start living within the law, and then unicorns will descend on rainbows and we'll all hold hands and sing kumbaya. Yeah, we get it. Bla bla.

  7. Blue Bear

    One more thing Micheal, try this – go to, search for "home invader shot" and then tell me again how safer those victims would be without their guns. smh

  8. Brad Bussard

    Biden would be so proud, someone actually listened to him.

  9. Allan King

    YAWN,crime is down 50% in the last 20 years and there are more guns than ever before

  10. Nell Woodroffe

    Save money. Live better… at Wal-mart. Do you think the shooter was trying to return his gun, ammo and bullet proof jacket to the World's largest retailer? In 2008, this same Wal-mart hushed the inter-racial shooting on its parking lot until a Raleigh station spilled the beans. I wonder what kind of "spin doctoring" Wal-mart will do with this shooting?
    My family and I haven't shopped at Wal-mart, Sam's or bought their gas since 2005. The few cents I could save by shopping there is not worth my life, my safety or my health.
    I have been told by a local attorney that there is more crime in Wal-mart and its parking lot than in the "hood"!
    I hope the people of Greenville finally realize there are clean, safe, economical places to do business without supporting the mega billionaire Wal-mart owners.
    And, by the way, the law firm where the first shooting occurred has a slogan "We're with you all the way". I wonder if that law firm will represent the shooter, the victims or help Wal-mart seek legal financial damages for lost profits while the store was closed.
    How much you want to bet Wal-mart does not compensate its employees for their lost wages?

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