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UFO Files Released By Britain Ministry Of Defense [Video]


A new set of UFO files from Britain’s Ministry of Defense describe strange sightings over Stonehenge and Parliament.

According to NBC, this is the final set of X Files from the Ministry of Defense which cover nearly 60 years worth of UFO sightings. The latest release contains a 4,300-page cache of documents

Britain decided to put an end to its UFO desk nearly three years ago after it was overwhelmed with reported sightings. The Ministry of Defense said that the rise of camera phones has resulted in an increase of UFO sightings and that it just didn’t have the manpower to keep up with the e=demand.

David Clarke, a UFO historian, said: “That really did put a strain on the resources that the MoD had committed to this subject, and really led up to their decision to finally pull the plug on Britain’s X-Files, simply because they just didn’t have the resources to investigate these sightings, or to look at them in any detail. So they just tended to be filed away.”

In addition to a lack of resources, the UFO desk also didn’t provide much worth to the government. A memo to then-Defense Minister Bob Ainsworth, which was released with the files, said that the UFO operation was “consuming increasing resource, but produces no valuable defense output. (No UFO sighting) has ever revealed anything to suggest an extraterrestrial presence or military threat to the U.K.”

The UFO files may have not made Britain any more safe but they have given some fuel to people who believe in extra-terrestrial life.

Clarke said: “There are lots of examples in here where people are really, really excited about.”

Here’s a video of Clarke combing through Britain’s UFO files.

This isn’t the only UFO report to hit the news recently. A strange object was recently spotted in the sky above the Netherlands and a photo of a UFO spotted over an historic barn in California was recently called “the best photo I’ve ever seen” by a UFO expert.

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2 Responses to “UFO Files Released By Britain Ministry Of Defense [Video]”

  1. Michael Lewendon

    To Whom It May Concern,

    11th September 2004, Burghfield, READING Berks England,
    After investigating this sighting we no longer require reports of U.F.Os as the video evidence shows all we need to know,
    once again thank you all for your support,
    michael lewendon

  2. Michael Lewendon

    Michael Lewendon put the guys from the MOD that morning that were in charge of monitoring the security cameras on a lie detector test, and their superiors, ask them how big the spaceship was, ask them where the video/cam evidence is now, we watched and followed this spaceship for over 5 minutes, over twenty cameras would have picked up what we saw, the ship was huge, bigger than Wembley stadium,national security threat, unless they knew all about it? check out the weather photos that morning in that area? check out the cameras on the M4 that morning, went straight passed them? check out the cameras on top of weather centre in Shinfield they also would have caught the ship? these places I know of, what about the places I don't know? you UFO buffs must know where this would have shown up elsewhere?rays?vibrations? etc, believe me this evidence is out there being suppressed for one reason or another,

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