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Flo Rida Drives A Gold Bugatti Veyron [Video]

gold bugatti

Do you know how drives a Gold Bugatti Veyron? Flo Rida.

The singer’s $1.7 million car grabbed plenty of attention in its original white but Flo Rida, real name Tramar Dillard, wasn’t satisfied with blending in with all of those other Bugatti’s on the road. I mean, according to the Elite Traveler, there are already 300 Bugatti Veyron’s on the road and Flo Rida needed to make sure that he stood out from the pact.

So, he did what anyone with cash to burn would do: He covered his car in gold.

According to Wrapped World, the custom gold Bugatti Veyron was created by Florida’s Metro Wrapz.The website calls company owner Brune Dede “the Teflon Don” when it comes to vinyl wrapping. The company has worked with stars like Rashad Jones, Pitbull and two-time NBA Champion LeBron James.

The website writes: “Flo puts all his trust in Bruno to deliver a quality product when it comes to his rides. Originally wrapped in chrome, Flo-Rida decided to change it up and turn it into a Golden Gatti.”

In addition to wrapping the car in gold vinyl, Metro Wrapz also added a set of matching gold wheels.

Here’s a video of Flo Rida’s gold Bugatti Veyron.

What do you think of Flo Rida’s gold Bugatti? Is it tacky or awesome?

[Image Via Youtube]

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23 Responses to “Flo Rida Drives A Gold Bugatti Veyron [Video]”

  1. Anonymous

    If I see this on the road I will pass out and veer head on.

  2. Makeba Ellis

    The gas mileage on these things are pathetic. You're already going to spend more time at the gas station fueling up than you will driving it. Now you put gold, platinum and diamonds on it? It's going to run out of gas before it gets to the gas station! LOL

  3. Dave Sikorski

    lol . . . . well she took an otherwise great looking car and F'ed up pretty good. So nowadays putting a giant sticker on a car is a custom? A pity the owner will never understand or appreciate that car for what it is or its lineage. I am guessing Flo would not know what T-35 or T-57 is. Well I'm sure someone will get a good deal on this one some day.

  4. Dave Sikorski

    Hey Neville lol, Hows your summer going man? I am workin my azz off. I though it was "a mime is a terrible thing to waste"

  5. Makeba Ellis

    The gas mileage on a Veyron is 8 city, 15 highway for a whopping 10 combined. Can you say stupid boys and girls???

  6. Anonymous

    "Do you know how drives a Gold Bugatti Veyron? Flo Rida."

    HOW? Really? Who (!) about a little proofread before you hit Enter?

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