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Police Dog Found Dead In Patrol Car

Spartacus Found Dead In Handlers Car

A dedicated police dog was found dead in his handler’s patrol car earlier this week, and a necropsy showed that the K-9 had died of a heat stroke.

The K-9 was named Spartacus and was only 3-years-old at his time of death.

Spartacus, a Belgian Malinois, was a certified multi-purpose dog according to

He worked in the K-9 unit doing a variety of things, including narcotics detection, tracking, and apprehension for the department.

“The K9 handler is currently on administrative leave with pay pending the outcome of an internal investigation,” said Brittany Duncan, a Woodstock Police Department spokeswoman.

Spartacus’ handler has not been identified at the moment but says that he is devastated by the loss.

CNN stated that Spartacus’ handler is a 9-year police veteran who has worked at as K-9 handler for seven of those years.

“After the retirement of his first police K-9, who is now a family pet living with the K-9 handler, the handler is devastated by the loss of his second police K-9,” Duncan said.

There was also another case of a police dog who was left in its handlers car in Mississippi over night and was found dead.

Police and their K-9’s can form a very unique bond, as can be seen by the dog that paid his last respects to his fallen partner.Spartacus Found Dead In Handlers Car

“The Pickens County Sheriff’s Office, which responded to the officer’s home Monday night, is also investigating the dog’s death, Sheriff Donnie Craig told the AJC.

“Specific details about the investigation were not released, a spokesman for the sheriff’s office said.”

The Woodstock Police Department is planning to have a memorial service for Spartacus (pictured to the right), and even though they haven’t picked an official day, they said it will be coming.

Police dogs aren’t just animals, they are friends and co-workers, so it’s only fitting that the department have a service for him. It just shows how much they care for their fallen comrade.

Spartacus, the police dog who was found dead, will be missed not only by the handler’s family, but by the department as a whole.

[Images via and Oregon Police Canine Association]

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8 Responses to “Police Dog Found Dead In Patrol Car”

  1. Brenda Cooper

    why isn't the law the same when it comes to a police officer? If this had been a regular citizen than they would have been facing all types of charges, regardless, if intentional or not. It is wrong with they can get away with things that a normal every day citizen can not. If this had been anyone else they would be facing animal cruelty and also the capital murder of a police dog, so why aren't they facing those same charges?

  2. Dawn Derks

    You would think they would know better than to leave an animal in a hot car. Idiots! The state officials should follow up on people like this. It happens to often and when a regular person leaves an animal in a hot car, it's animal cruelty….The handler of the dog should be slapped with an animal cruelty charge. He is a law enforcer but not above the law.

  3. Anonymous

    dumb ass police is right. no more dog handling for them PERIOD.

  4. Shirley Krentz

    eye for an eye! Lock up the cop in a heated car and see what it's like.

  5. Sonya Marie Jordan

    Are you kidding me!!! The handler was upset by the dog (k9) death!!! Bull!! That dog who was his partner as it has claimed in the report left him in the car to die. As a officer who served many years on the forces heard of STUPID people leaving their children and animals in a car to die during a hot weather. WHAT WAS HE THINKING ABOUT!!! THAT POOR DOG..I HOPE THAT OFFICER DOES NOT GET ANOTHER CHANCE TO PARTNER UP WITH ANOTHER K9. EVEN THOUGH, IT IS A POLICE DOG. IT DEPENDS ON THE OFFICER/HANDLER PROTECTION!!!

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