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#SaveTheBorgias Fan Campaign Tries To Convince Showtime Not To Cancel Series

#savetheborgias fan campaign

#savetheborgias is taking flight on social media. The popular historical period drama miniseries was cancelled by Showtime and aired its last episode last weekend.

The fans are up in arms with the decision. The show has a devoted following due to the historical connotation within the story and the great casting.

The Borgias star Francois Arnaud, Jeremy Irons, and Holliday Grainger and has been a big hit for the network, which is even more troublesome for the loyal viewers.

Showtime should take a look at how organized the fans are. They have a signed petition going around, they also have a Facebook page solely dedicated to their cause.

They are also having mass tweet events to rally support for the continuation of the show.

If there is anything to take from this type of situation is that fans are getting used to having their opinions listened to. #SaveTheBorgias is just the latest example of a group rallying to promote their cause.

Whether anything will come from this remains to be seen. It is not an easy proposition to convince a studio to continue a cancelled show. There are many considerations to keep in mind.

The main problem would be the cast and crew’s other engagements. Usually with miniseries cast is brought on for a specific number of seasons, the same applies to certain films with the potential of becoming franchises.

But at this point we can imagine that the cast members, knowing that the show was coming to an end, have already committed to other projects. Same applies to the director and producers.

The Borgias tells the story of the powerful Italian renaissance family of the same name whose patriarch, Rodrigo, became one of the most powerful figures of his time when he was elected as Pope Alexander VI.

Do you think fans will convince Showtime to renew The Borgias with their #SaveTheBorgias campaign?

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14 Responses to “#SaveTheBorgias Fan Campaign Tries To Convince Showtime Not To Cancel Series”

  1. Annie Darcy

    I can only hope that we will convince Showtime to change their mind. I'm not sure if the actors have anything else going on. But I think they were just as upset over the cancellation as the fans were and love their characters so would not mind playing them for one more season.

  2. Gilly Hynes

    I sincerely hope Showtime changes it's mind. The Borgia's is a fantastic production. It was the only reason I took out subscription TV and the show was everything I hoped. Please Showtime – Season 4 or Moview wrap up to finish the story and give us, your fans, closure.

  3. Alline Waldhelm

    Yes, Annie. And it's not like we're being greedy here. It has always been expected it was run for 4 seasons, we just need a proper ending to our story. #SaveTheBorgias

  4. Annie Darcy

    Exactly. Showtime should keep its promises. #SaveTheBorgias

  5. Anonymous

    I dearly hope so. It's an actual physical pain in my chest when I think of it not being concluded properly.

  6. Lynnda La Placa

    Showtime should listen to its fans, it isn't fair to end a series in this manner, I can not understand what they were thinking..we really enjoyed The Borgias, with so much garbage on TV at least recognize when something is epic…

  7. Sheila Warman Perry

    Absolutely, Showtime should listen to the fans! They may lose a boat full of subscribers if they don't. We were promised 4 seasons and all we want is a ending to our beloved story with our loved actors and actresses. #savetheborgias

  8. Debbie Hoy

    I hope so. Ending it on this note is terribly unfair to those of us who pay for Showtime AND very frustrating. I was hoping someone at the top would have had the common sense to allow the show to end at its naturally creative conclusion. The show got better and better with each season. The Borgias is why I kept Showtime. I may rethink my subscription.

  9. Judy Wood

    God I hope so. This show is fabulous in every way. I have left comments and links everywhere and every time I find one. I think all the Borgias fans that aren't already folllowing that lead should do so asap. :)

  10. Share Coughlin

    Showtime's cutting The Borgiaz short an entire season. We were promised 4 and we barely got three. I sure hope they reconsider. They really let their viewers down this time. Fb page- Bring Back The Borgias

  11. Mireya Melendez-Lousteau

    There are many thousands of fans from all over the world & through very many avenues requesting (or should I say, demanding!) the proper conclusion to this masterful series and the factual story. Sardines to execs in NY have just started arriving. It is so rare to find such an amazing chemistry in the cast. Every aspect of its production is worthy of many awards. With all the mindless, senseless shows on tv, it is an EPIC disaster to have cancelled this JEWEL. Borgias fans never forgive & never forget! IT IS TIME TO SHO SOME RESPECT! savetheborgias (fb &.com).

  12. Mireya Melendez-Lousteau

    Debbie, well stated. Perhaps the many thousands of cans of sardines will do the "execs" some good. Excellent source of Omega 3 for the brain 😉 I cancelled sho, told them why & also called the execs stating my reason, THEY are the ones that need to hear us. Cable co. called me next day offering me a 50% discount rate on sho -and- a $25 gift card (??) *scratches head* "No thx. Not until I get season 4, good bye *click* "

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