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Texas tries to ban Salvia Divinorum


A Texas State Representative has filed legislation to ban the possession of the herb Salvia Divinorum.

For those who have never heard of the plant, Salvia Divinorum is a psychoactive herb which can induce strong dissociative effects, and is often billed as a legal alternative to Marijuana. Salvia divinorum has been used for centuries in Mexico for spiritual and healing purposes

To back his case, State Rep. Doc Anderson appeared on Dr Phil Tuesday to discuss the drug, saying that “The substance is dangerous, incapacitating, and serves no medical use whatsoever…[and] has possible dangerous health effects and is unregulated in Texas.”

The proposed bill would make possession of Salvia Divinorum a Class A Misdemeanor. Anderson had previously tried to ban Salvia Divinorum in 2007, but the legislation never made it past committee.

The internet seems to have played a role in the growing awareness and concern around Salvia Divinorum , with videos of users appearing on YouTube. Here’s one video I found of someone on the drug. WARNING: it’s quite disturbing, and not suitable for young children. Also after the video a short history of the use of Salvia Divinorum as a drug.

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12 Responses to “Texas tries to ban Salvia Divinorum”

  1. Erika

    I've tried this drug several times, it essentially sends you to another dimension for about 3 to 6 minutes (it feels much longer), followed by a period of disorientation. The whole trip is very inward, and you usually are not aware that you have entered a trip (as opposed to LSD or mushrooms, where no matter what happens, you at least remember you took something). Salvia consumes you to the point that the trip becomes your new reality, which is why you often feel disoriented when coming off of it.

    The presence of coughing/crying kids and cartoons in the background of this video make it very disturbing. I've made similar videos of people after taking salvia… some, yes, are scary, but some are downright hilarious.

    If you decide to try salvia, my suggestion is to be with one or two other people who are mature and won't react like the guys in the video. If you are one of the “salvia-sitters”, realize that the person who smoked the salvia probably is indifferent to your existence, so stay chill and supportive, and try not to nag.

    Other important things to know is that its a dose related effect, so hold it in, or take a long swimmer's hit (I recommend holding in the hit until you start to feel the effects). Also, salvia interacts with the kappa opiod receptor, which is known for having both euphoric and dysphoric effects, so not every trip is a great one… But at least it will be over before you know it!

    As far as banning salvia, well, it make take away rights, but this drug has a place with all the other hallucionagens, we must at least give it that. I can't think of a good reason not to ban or restrict it besides that I am against “the man bringing us down”.

    Most importantly, don't over do it… Everything in moderation, mmmkay.


  2. payne hooper

    barack obama is a socialist and you are a communist. How about letting this be a free country and let people decide for themselves what they should do. Also what we need in this financially struggling country is a nother reason to put otherwise working taxpaying adults in jail where we the taxpayers can spent money to keep them incarcerated insted of workin. The government cant even control meth, coke or herion or marijuanna what makes them think that this can be stopped. alchol is the most dangerous drug in my opinion. people go get drunk, drive their cars endangering everyone. maybe go home an beat their familys. people on salvia or pot are harmless. a pot head sits on the couch watching cartoons and eating chips. Who does this really endanger. I do not think kids should be doing salvia but I do think that grown adults who work and pay taxes should have the option to meditate or relax or treat their aching back and feet so that they can go out bust ass all day to pay the house payment feed the kids and support all the people on welfare and in jail.

  3. Erika

    Who is a communist? Not me, I also think people should be able to do what they like, I do what I like. The “law” has never stopped me, luckily. I would love to see the decriminalization of drugs, especially marijuana. And as far as I know, salvia is not even a drug problem, but it is a powerful drug. Respect if you use it properly, but why are you dissing me?

    What does this have to do with communism? It's not like I want everyone to chip in for salvia and then redistribute it to the masses…

  4. BuySalviaOnline

    What isn't addressed is the dangerous effects of alcohol, or even over the counter cold medications, which can be more hazardous than any illegal drug. Salvia has NOT been found to have any addictive properties. People have been using it for thousands of years and is safe, when used occasionally. Responsible adults who wish to use Salvia shouldn't have to have their choices questioned, given the number of legal substances that are available.

  5. payne hooper

    Sorry…I ment Doc Anderson is a communist…just as a mediphore..just blowing off steam…Im tired of other people deciding how I live my life….I dont like drinking and I do what I do in my own home. I dont do anything that would damage my body or cause harm to others and the Idea that somebody wants to take away my options AGAIN pisses me off….

  6. george

    I can tell you for a fact that salvia is becoming a very popular drug. Some say it's the new marijuana and many students are already familiar with it. Do we know exactly what are the effects of salvia on health? Texas needs strong arguments to sustain the ban.
    George at Cliffside

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