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‘Breaking Amish’ Star Rebecca Denied Job Because ‘Employees Would Be Disgusted’ [Video]

Rebecca was insluted by a waitress during an episode of the shows spin-off.

Breaking Amish star Rebecca had herself an odd encounter during the latest episode of the show’s spin-off when she asked a waitress about getting a job at a restaurant before receiving an insulting answer. Rebecca was at the restaurant with Abe, who also stars in the show, before being shut down by the waitress.

After asking about the job, the waitress responded by saying the “employees would be disgusted.”

“You coming in here wanting to work — I think a lot of our employees would be disgusted about it because we love the Amish,” the waitress said during the episode. “We have a lot of Amish people that come in here.”

A simple “no” would’ve sufficed if it’s really that big of a deal, though it shouldn’t be. Nevertheless, the waitress went on to attack the show as she worked.

Abe wasn’t having it and he went on to ask the waitress if she grew up Amish. She said no, which was followed by a reasonable response from the Breaking Amish: Brave New World star.

“Then don’t tell me how the Amish live their life,” he simply said.

No matter how upset the waitress was about the show, it will continue on with a new series as a brand new cast is set to take over in Los Angeles. The original cast took to New York City for their adventure, which became a huge hit on TLC.

The new season premiere will air on July 10 and should bring in plenty of viewers, though it’s original success has also been criticized as being a disgrace to the Amish community. From the East to West Coast, the new show is certainly expected to be a hit and controversial at the same time.

The Brave New World spin-off is currently airing on Sundays at 10 p.m. EST. on TLC, which includes the original cast.

Was the waitress being fair to Rebecca or completely insulting her in the latest episode of Breaking Amish: Brave New World?

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5 Responses to “‘Breaking Amish’ Star Rebecca Denied Job Because ‘Employees Would Be Disgusted’ [Video]”

  1. John Baker

    Regardless of her opinion, the waitress was AT WORK, and customer service is primary. The waitress should be disciplined.

  2. Mollie Marie Armintor

    My opinion…that waitress is a judgmental b!t¢h and should keep her mouth shut while she is waiting on customers!! Who is she to judge anyone she doesn't know…or maybe "thinks" she knows because she watched them on a "reality" show?? Reality a.k.a. editing footage to attract ratings and make people see a situation in a completely different way. Our world could be a little better if people weren't so judgmental (and society didn't put certain images on a platform to portray perfection) – but that's a whole other frustrating topic!! Nobody truly knows what someone else's life is like behind closed doors, therefore, they have no right to judge someone about it.

    ♥Make peace, not war…show love, abolish hate" ♥

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