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Shark Attacks At Surfside In Waist-Deep Water

great white shark

A shark attack at Surfside Beach has swimmers in Texas on edge.

According to CNN, a 15-year-old was riding his boogie board at Surfside Beach when he was attacked on Monday afternoon. The teen was in waist-deep water when the shark bit him on the leg.

The boy fought back and was able to push the shark off. He suffered wounds on his leg and hand during the attack and was taken to a nearby hospital via helicopter. Gregg Bisso, Surfside’s assistant police chief, said that the boy’s injuries were not life-threatening.

Bisso said: “He had to get it off him some way and that was probably the best way to do it.”

Police have not identified what type of shark was involved in the attack.

Bisso said that there hasn’t been a shark attack at Surfside Beach in 25 years. CNN reports that there have been two in Brazoria County, however, during the past four years.

Bisso said: “The most serious injury we get down here is usually a jelly fish sting,”

Suandra Monnat, with the Surfside Police Department and Emergency Medical Service, warned swimmers to be vigilant while swimming in the ocean even when staying in shallow waters. Monnat also said that it was a good idea to stay clear of fishermen.

Monat said: “Try not to swim near fishermen. That’s one thing because they have all their bait around them, and if you see something suspicious get out of the water.”

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6 Responses to “Shark Attacks At Surfside In Waist-Deep Water”

  1. Anonymous

    why do they always have to put a picture of Great White when it comes to shark attack stories…

  2. Alicia Papin

    Itsthe pit bull of sea. Ive seen great white pics on stories of man o war stings.

  3. Linda Standart

    I was recently at Surfside SC and at first thought that was where the attack occurred. It would be helpful if the headlines specified the state when there are two or more places with the same name. Glad the young man got out with relatively minor injuries. Shark attacks are no joke.

  4. Jackie Treehorn

    True…and it was probably a Bull Shark. Great Whites don't attack bathers just surfers.

  5. Gandhi Warhol

    It may have been too warm to wear in Texas waters, but the new shark repellent wetsuit by Boz could save limbs in other parts of the world. Thank God he's alright!

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