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Blake Griffin To Lakers Trade Rumor All Comes Down To Dwight Howard

Blake Griffin To Lakers Trade Rumor All Comes Down To Dwight Howard

Blake Griffin could be headed to the Los Angeles Lakers in what would be a blockbuster deal that all hinges on Dwight Howard.

The Clippers are reportedly interested in trading for Howard, giving up Blake Griffin and guard Eric Bledsoe. But there seems to be disagreement from sources on how serious the teams are and whether Dwight Howard would sign off.

The deal would likely be a sign-and-trade for Howard, meaning the Lakers would be able to reach a contract deal that’s ot more attractive than what other suitors can offer. Both the Houston Rockets and Dallas Mavericks are reportedly interested in Howard and have devised schemes to dump payroll in order to acquire him.

Despite a strong roster that included Griffin and Paul and a team that had a 17-game winning streak, the Clippers fizzled in the playoffs, losing in the first round to the Memphis Grizzlies. With a season that wasted their first ever Pacific Division crown, the Clippers could be looking to shift some pieces.

There is also questions of whether the Blake Griffin to Lakers trade would make sense for Los Angeles. They would be giving up quite a bit on the defensive end by losing Howard and would be letting him go to one of their Pacific Division rivals.

The trade would also depend on whether the Clippers swing what would be a mega deal with the Boston Celtics. The Clippers are interested in acquiring Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and coach Doc Rivers, but the Celtics reportedly want Bledsoe in return. The Clippers seemed inclined to keep Bledsoe first as an insurance policy until Chris Paul signs a long-term deal but also as future trade bait himself. If the Celtics deal goes through, that may be the end of the Blake Griffin trade as well.

If Blake Griffin did go to the Lakers, it could be monumental for both teams. The Clippers would have a potent combination in Chris Paul and Dwight Howard while Kobe Bryant would have another piece for the late-career championship he covets.

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22 Responses to “Blake Griffin To Lakers Trade Rumor All Comes Down To Dwight Howard”

  1. Donald Hamilton

    Jordan would be going to Boston in the trade with the celtics. like the article said it all depends on that trade happening first

  2. Eric Sliva

    peace/free agent
    ends up being the roster.
    blake amnestied if not traded.
    duhon released
    ebanks released
    Jamison signs elsewhere.

  3. Eric Sliva

    odds are now that there could be a 3 team trade between the lakers/Celtics and clippers now….who knows the lakers could end up with garnett/pierce and rondo to team with gasol and Bryant plus nash with griffin/Bledsoe/blake and Jordan to the Celtics…howard and duhon plus ebanks and sacres to the clippers….with blake being amnestied.

  4. Mitchell Lancaster

    nope, Boston also want's Bledsoe, this isn't going to happen. Sorry Lakers fans.

  5. Byron Jackson

    Bad deal to give up Blake and get Howard in return? Sucker trade and the Clippers will get the short end of that stick. Howard is a joke

  6. Jesse Velasquez

    That is just stupid Blake Griff for D Howard…HELL NO! What we (Lakers) need is a new coach and a shooting trainer because Big D is picking up his just shots and hook shots also..#KeepBigD.

  7. Donald Griffith

    Doc Rivers wouldn't necessarily be traded. What the Clippers would be doing would be sending a 1st round draft pick to the Celtics to convince them to let Doc Rivers out of his contract. Then Doc Rivers would basically sign as a free agent coach.

  8. Chris Carter

    The clippers would be given the exclusive rights to hire Doc Rivers by way of the trade…

  9. Robb Cason

    I would take griffin over howard any day. howard reminds me of a lazy underachieving ewing.

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