Tennis star Jennifer Capriati reportedly hospitalized for overdose

Former Tennis star Jennifer Capriati, 34, has been hospitalized in Florida after a suspected overdose, TMZ is reporting.

All that is known at this point is that paramedics were called to a hotel in Riviera Beach to respond to a “possible overdose.” Capriati’s father later commented only to say that she was “recovering well.” In 1992, Capriati became the youngest person to ever win the French Open. She achieved a string of successes, but began faltering in the mid-90s, and was arrested for possession of marijuana in 1994. Her mother later said that her parents did not realize how much Capriati was struggling:

‘Jennifer went from being happy to sad and fearful, and as a parent I felt plenty of guilt and shame for the role I played in that,’ she said.

‘The money, the excitement, the endorsements, the pride – you get caught up in it, and you’re not thinking of what your child is missing, and if this is what’s best for them.’

Capriati made a stunning comeback in 2001 at the age of 25, but has recently undergone surgery for a shoulder problem. It is unclear whether she will be able to return to tennis.