Couple arrested for trying to sell baby outside Walmart for $25

Police have arrested a couple in Salinas, California after the pair allegedly tried to sell their six-month-old baby outside a Walmart for $25.

The couple, 20-year-old Samantha Tomasini and 38-year-old Patrick Fousek, are said to have approached two women outside the store with the bizarre request. The women report intially thinking the pair were kidding, but when Fousek became insistent, they notified authorities. Salinas police spokesman Lalo Villegas said to press:

“I don’t know if they’re mothers but they definitely had that instinct to help.”

Interesting juxtaposition, considering the actions of the baby’s mother, in this case. (Unless we’re talking about helping yourself, to more meth.) Police located the couple at their home at around 1AM on Wednesday, and report that the residence was in disarray and “filthy.”

Police took the couple into custody on suspicion of child endangerment and being under the influence of a controlled substance. Authorities say that Fousek was on probation at the time of the alleged attempted baby sale. The couple were sent to the Monterey County Jail, and CPS took custody of the child.