[VIDEO] The Xbox 360 game set in a vagina

… And not only a vagina, but also a bottom and people’s mouths. Oh yes.

This is Privates, a new side-scrolling shooter from Zombie Cow Studios that was announced in May. It features condom-hatted marines wading through forests of pubic hair, blasting away “all manner of grotty infections.” Basically, it’s Contra with added syphilis.

Privates is being funded by British broadcaster Channel 4, and while it may seem designed to shock and grab headlines (like this one), its makers argue that the game aims to promote safe sex and educate teens about venereal diseases. Zombie Cow is keen to point out that the game follows sex education guidelines in the UK government’s National Curriculum.

It’s likely to be a free download on PC, and should also be coming to Xbox Live, as long as Microsoft actually approve it; currently, there seems to be some doubt over whether the company will ever allow Privates on Xbox Live.

Here’s the first trailer:

[Via Kotaku]