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AT&T Wireless Rolling Out Forced President Obama Alerts For iPhone Users

ATT Wireless Forced Message Alerts From Obama

AT&T Wireless has begun rolling out new Wireless Emergency Alerts for iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 users. The new alerts include the ability to turn AMBER alerts on and off. One type of message users will not be able to turn off are messages delivered by way of Presidential alerts.

The update arrives when users add iOS 6.1 or higher to their devices. AMBER alerts and Emergency alerts can be helpful for AT&T users and anyone wanting to help find missing children. However, those options are optional and therefore are opt-out ready.

If you don’t want to receive AMBER alerts and Emergency alerts on your iPhone, you can simple navigate to the devices notification settings and turn them off.

President Obama’s presidential alerts will arrive regardless of a user’s desire.

While WEA messages are always delivered free of charge to all AT&T Wireless customers, the move will likely anger Republicans and Independents who don’t support President Obama. The move may even anger Obama supports who feel their government in recent weeks has overstepped its bounds with the NSA PRISM program.

While the presidential messages are enabled, users shouldn’t expect to see daily messages from the POTUS. Instead, messages will be delivered when issues of national importance are on the docket.

iOS Alerts - President Obama

Attacks against America, major natural disasters, impeding disaster — all of those issues may trigger an important Presidential alert. While we might not always want to hear from the President, most of us probably want to know if we need to get out of dodge.

Do you think AT&T Wireless and the US Government is overstepping its bounds by making it impossible to turn off Presidential alerts on your iOS 6.1 and higher devices?

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31 Responses to “AT&T Wireless Rolling Out Forced President Obama Alerts For iPhone Users”

  1. Robert Hackenberg

    Seriously? I'll stick to my Android until they screw THAT up too.

  2. Balzak Schlemp

    So fed up with politicians sticking their noses in our faces.

  3. Ellen Nitchals

    I have no problem with this. First: Why would anybody in their right mind want to prevent themselves from getting messages that could SAVE THEIR LIFE in an emergency situation? And second: If you don't like it, don't get an iOS 6.1+ device. Nobody is forcing you to own an iPhone…

  4. Ellen Nitchals

    Why? Out of principle, or because you honestly want to disregard messages that could save your life in an emergency situation?

  5. Robert Hackenberg

    From the President?! If I get a message from that idiot, shit is already posted everywhere. I don't care for a system that I'm told I have no option to block. Besides, the Chinese will own us soon. His plan will be obsolete.

  6. Jeb Law

    The problem is I bought my phone the way it is and they are changing it without my permission.

  7. Daniel McGrew

    Because you have no choice to disable it, and it gives a political agent unrestricted access to you. Regardless of political affiliation of the president using this service, it reeks of creating a culture of personality. If a system like this is to be in place it needs to be from a politically neutral source to prevent abuse, abuse that will inevitably occur.

  8. Tyler Odle

    This is the dumbest comment I've ever heard. So when I'm in an emergency situation and Obama doesn't send out one of his "life saving" tips, I'm screwed. It would be nice though, if someone from their administration would beep-in while I'm on the phone and notify me that the person I'm talking to could be dangerous because lets face it, the government probably knows more about the person on the other end of the line than I do. Congratulations on choosing an awesome leader for our country, well done.

  9. Reid Limpert

    Ellen is clearly a partisan hack. How would you like it if George W Bush had sent you messages that could not be opted out of?

  10. Al Morrison

    Ellen, you may have no problem with this and would love to hear from Michelle and Barry everyday on what to wear, what to eat, etc. in the last 15 years how many things have happened that you needed on, a national scale, to be notified about to SAVE YOUR LIFE? 9/11, OKC tornadoes, Boston Bombing? No you didn't. If you were in the World Trade Center you knew about it long before anyone else. The F5 tornadoes no if you were there a notification from the WHITE HOUSE on your cell phone was to late, I could go on but the point is there is nothing on a national scale that you need to be notified about to SAVE YOUR LIFE, no even in coming missiles from North Korea, Iran or China, etc., it is to late. You get life saving info from your local radio and TV stations, or local phone alerts, you University alert system as an example. Your weather alerts on your phone if they are valuable are localized. Besides it's my phone not his or yours, I'll put what I want on it, and if AT&T thinks they can force this on my phone, I Have an App For That!

  11. Cass Lavallee

    Not quite accurate. It is an FCC regulation (Notice required by FCC Rule 47 C.F.R. § 10.240 (Commercial Mobile Alert Service). It is required of ALL WIRELESS CARRIERS, including Verizon, TMobile, Sprint, Straight Talk, etc…

  12. Cass Lavallee

    Notice required by FCC Rule 47 C.F.R. § 10.240 (Commercial Mobile Alert Service). TMobile has it as well.

  13. Cass Lavallee

    Because most of us have brain cells that function and we can watch the news, the weather, and decide for ourselves. We do not need to be held by the hand and led.

  14. Ken Rose

    Everybody is missing the bigger picture. If they have access to your phone for alerts, they have access to everything else.

  15. Debra Wolak

    Dont overlook the bigger picture here,, they are just prepping us for our tyrantical govt to do this on a daily basis on tv phones and radio,,, this is a test to see how we handle it…… Rebel with all your might protest this crap!!, i for one am dropping AT&T,, if it comes down to it i will get rid of all cell service,, i will not be monitored for just talking !!!!!!

  16. Wayne Barricklow

    Let's say the election had played out a little differently. Would you like alerts form Sarah Palin or John McCain? What if the emergency information from the president were something to the effect of " Watch out for terrorists. (BTW, let's fight them over there so we don;t have to fight them here.)"

  17. Beth Eide

    Hate to tell you it is not just AT T that has it I am a Verizon customer with an Android Razor and it is on there as well. I can not opt out either.

  18. Shannon Smith Mackintosh

    Oh Ellen, are you truly that delusioned? This has nothing to do with emergency information and everything to do with control. I have a computer, an iPad, a radio and six televisions. I am informed. I do not need anyone in the government to have access to them.

  19. Wayne Chipman

    Ellen, You are a shining example of the College Educated in our Country. Nothing from our Government has ever saved anyone or anything. The Day I need anything from Washington D.C. is the Day I should hang it up. Now go back to Your Government Kool-Aid drinking binge, You most likely believe in Macro Evolution, if You even understand what Macro Evolution is.

  20. Howard Allen

    @Wayne …nothing from our govt has ever saved anyone or anything? really? nothing? Do you live in a cave eating grubs? Nationlal Institute of Health, Coast Guard, the CDC…know anyone with Polio? (thougth not)…ever use our highway system? Medicare has not svaed anyone's life?

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