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Gilda Radner’s Cancer Center To Earn Money From Ron James Performance

Ron James and Gilda Radner Event for Cancer

Gilda’s Club Greater Toronto is about to earn some much needed money with the help of legendary comedian Ron James. Gilda’s Club is a cancer care center named after former Saturday Night Live performer Gilda Radner.

Legendary comedian Ron James will host It’s Always Something, a comedy event presented by The Keg Steakhouse Bar.

The show will be performed at Toronto’s Sony Centre for The Performing Arts on Saturday, November 16th.

Pre-sale tickets are on sale at

All proceeds from the Ron James performance will go to Gilda’s Club Greater Toronto. The famed comedian is a long-time supporter of Gilda Radner and her cancer center.

According to Co-Executive Producers Fred Levy and Rick Muller:

“We’re thrilled to land Ron as our host. His performance was one of the highlights of last year’s show and as host, he’ll get an even bigger role, and we’re throwing in preferred parking.”

You can learn more about the Gilda’s Club by visiting

In the meantime, Ron James continues to experience his own level of continued success. The Ron James Show is currently in its 5th successful season on CBC.

Various other entertainers in the field of of comedy, music, and dance will be named as performers for It’s Always Something. The event is one of the must-attend entertainment events of the year.

Will you be attending the Gilda Radner summer event for Ron James and the various other acts that will likely follow in the coming months? If you plan to attend, just remember that it sells out every single year.

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7 Responses to “Gilda Radner’s Cancer Center To Earn Money From Ron James Performance”

  1. Anonymous

    Sure do miss that Rosana Rosanadana. Don't recall any women in comedy since to rival her. She always shined, no matter what she was doing. Wonderful to see there is a legacy to her enormous contribution to the world, making us laugh; that's the best medicine I've ever found for any problem I've ever had. If you can still laugh, you know it will be alright. Thank you Gilda, really wish you were here.

  2. Anonymous

    I remember SNL, THEN, like it was yesterday. It hasn't been that funny since, and I doubt it ever will be! I watched that show to see Gilda Radner, and she WAS the show – it's hard to believe it's been that long ago. I also liked Gene Wilder, her Husband, in Blazing Saddles. Can you Imagine sitting at a table with those two. I'm happy she is remembered!

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