Stinking Helmet

Farting Bike Helmet? Well Not Quite, But It Could Save Your Life

When bike helmets have been damaged it can cause serious injury if further accidents occur and that broken equipment is used. Unfortunately it’s often hard to tell if any interior or small breaks have occurred, then again we’ve never had safety equipment before that stinks when broken…quite literally.

Designed by German Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute, the new technology injects microcapsules of malodorous oil into the helmets materials. When those capsules are broken due to damage they let off a specific smell to alert users to the damage.

The process uses thick polypropylene foil to house the microcapsules and it’s expected to be used in other projects at a later time.

It hasn’t been determined what scents will be used for the capsules, but I suggest those old stink bombs we use to have in high school and would drop on the way to class, you simply can’t mistake them for anything in your environment. Then again I don’t want my head to smell like a fart if I fall down while rollerblading or biking.

What scents do you think should be used for the project that will be easily recognizable?