sanyo xactica

Sanyo Xacti DMX-CA100 Goes Underwater, Captures Video

Sanyo on Friday announced their newest handheld HD camcorder, the DMX-CA100, a vertical designed waterproof option that can capture 1080p video with the H.264 format.

The camera can dive up to 10 feet and last underwater for up to one hour.

The camcorder can also shoots stills at 14 megapixels and provides 6x optical zoom with 6x advanced zoom that crops the image sensor. Users can also take advantage of High-Speed Sequential Shooting mode and capture 22 photos at 7FPS.

According to Electronista:

Two sets of controls, each dedicated to either capturing photos or recording videos, means users don’t have to flip a toggle to do either. There is no internal memory, with storage coming in the form of SDXC memory cards.

The DMX-CA100 is due out in June, towards the end of the month and will be featured in black, yellow and pink colors. Sorry no pricing at this time.