Commodore Invictus

Ready To Get Your Commodore On? Asus Eee Keyboard Rival Could Soon Arrive

Barry Altman might still be walking on eggshells when it comes to ownership of the Commodore name, but in any case he’s moving ahead with his Commodore USA venture and that venture is apparently an Asus Eee Keyboard competitor.

A photo of the keyboard PC has been spotted with a resistive touchscreen on the companies website with the name Commodore Invictus.

According to Amiga World forums the system will feature an Intel Atom Processor and come equipped with a wireless HDMI port, NVIDIA ION chipset and up to five hours of battery life.

Right now we have no street date, no pricing and no confirmation on the specs listed above. What I do know is that my “I Heart My Commodore” shirt will soon be relevant….so much for buying a shirt for it’s vintage appeal….damn.