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Hey Blippy users – did you know your card numbers are on Google?


I will be right up front here. I.Do.Not.Like.Blippy.Period.

I personally think it is one of the stupidest ideas to come out of the Internet’s Web 2.0 self-absorption of sharing. The fact that people are willing to share their purchase information with the rest of the world, or at least to those on Blippy is mind-numbingly stupid.

So when I saw the post today at VentureBeat that the credit card numbers of Blippy members could be searched for the first thing I did was IM my buddy Sean P. Aune about it and then we both sat back a laughed our ever loving asses off. The only small consolation is that it appears that it is only members of Blippy with Citibank issues MasterCard credit cards that are showing up in search results.

So how is it done?

Well as in all things search and Google, it’s pretty simple. The search string goes something like this: +”from card” and hit the search button. For which you get back something like this graphic that VetureBeat provided

VentureBeat has contacted Citibank and Blippy founders as well as a few people whose numbers turned up in the search. This can be considered an developing story and one that we need some serious answers to. Congrats to the VentureBeat team on a great post.

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One Response to “Hey Blippy users – did you know your card numbers are on Google?”

  1. Kelly A.

    I may agree that this is one of the stupidest ideas to come out of the Internet but in some point, this made people numbingly uninformed of what they’ve been sharing—totally unaware of information that they gave out. Say, sharing your personal data online isn’t always the smartest idea. On the web site Blippy credit card info was leaked online. Blippy is a social networking site that allows you to see what your friends are buying online and even how much they are spending. Naturally you would have to have your credit or debit card linked to this site to be able to see this, but it was linked and leaked for a couple of unfortunate individuals. I imagine it was bound to happen, sad, but yet expected. How unsocial are we becoming when we share information such as what we bought and where online for anyone within the world to see.

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