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Columbia mourns model Lina Marulanda

lina marulanda

Columbia is in mourning today after learning of the death of top Columbian model Lina Marulanda after a fall from her Bogota apartment.

Suicide is suspected but has not been confirmed in 30-year-old Marulanda’s death. Friends say the model was distraught after splitting with her second husband, businessman Carlos Oñate. A Colombian news source confirmed Marulanda’s death and indicated exact cause of death is pending. (Translated from Spanish.)

According to Alberto Acevedo, director of the Technical branch of the Office Research (CTI), the authorities are awaiting the postmortem report by the Judicial Police, while declaring that had not yet established the cause of death, which fact was announced at noon on Thursday.

The news of (Marulanda’s) death was confirmed by (her) former colleagues of the W Radio and the authorities at 12:15 noon. There is still no official version of the reasons which caused the death of the presenter and model.

Some outlets are reporting that police have confirmed that Marulanda’s death was a suicide.

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5 Responses to “Columbia mourns model Lina Marulanda”

  1. Anonymous

    I was about to write the same thing… geez you would think reporters could spell!! But anyways rest in peace Lina!!!

  2. Anonymous

    damn lina you had it all looks,money,fame. you had the whole world at your feet. it does not make sense
    why you did it? i would have loved to hook up with you.

  3. x

    I met Lina and her family a long time a go, when I used to live in her hometown. She didn’t seem the suicidal type. Always presented herself as a powerful, beautiful, independent woman. This is such a tragedy. My condolences to her family in this hard time. R.I.P

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