Sandra Bullock Own Stunts

Sandra Bullock Talks Being A Mom, Performing Hollywood Stunts

Now that she’s a single mother, Sandra Bullock has begun to question if performing her own movie stunts is a good idea.

Bullock and Melissa McCarthy co-star in the new movie The Heat, and, in that feature film, Bullock plays an FBI agent who works to take down a drug lord.

The movie is a comedy, but there were still some stunts that needed to be performed by Bullock. While the stunts were nowhere near as dangerous as her 1994 film Speed, they still worried the actress.

Bullock tells Cover Media:

“I insist on doing my own stunts all the time. But the one thing that makes you reconsider doing your stunts is when you have a child.”

The actress adds:

“You go what if I should fall and die on this one? Would it be a smart move? I didn’t have crazy stuff to do. There were a couple of days where stunt people had explosives falling on them and Melissa and I went and had coffee.”

Sandra Bullock adopted her son Louis, 3, just as her relationship with ex-husband Jessie James was beginning to fall apart. The adoption made headlines and Bullock took some time off to be with her newly adopted baby boy.

Bullock admits that she doesn’t have plans to ditch Hollywood stunts all together, she may just become more selective of the stunts she chooses.

Joking about her future Bullock says one day she may join a theater production so she can go on more school runs, attend her kids other events, and just be a mom.

In the meantime, Sandra Bullock continues to work and that work includes performing her own stunts when the script calls for such action.

Are you surprised that Sandra Bullock is still performing her own Hollywood stunts?