Bullock considers McCarthy her "hottest co-star" yet.

Sandra Bullock Calls Melissa McCarthy ‘Hottest Co-Star Of All-Time’

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy have joined forces in the upcoming action comedy, The Heat, which is set for release on June 28. The new comedy duo are paired together in the flick to take down a Russian mobster and drug lord.

Bullock spoke with BANG Showbiz about her co-star at the UK gala screening at Curzon Mayfair in London on Thursday night.

“I would never compare any of my perfectly hot co-stars, who are equally hot and amazing, to each other,” she said before adding in a shout out to McCarthy. “Melissa McCarthy’s the hottest co-star of all time! Melissa McCarthy is my hottest co-star.”

The 48-year-old award-winning actress has played many roles with popular stars throughout her career, but she’s obviously never shared the big screen with anyone as hot as McCarthy. The list of co-stars for Bullock in the recent past include George Clooney, Bradley Cooper, and Ryan Reynolds.

There really isn’t much out there for an actress to accomplish during her career that Sandra Bullock hasn’t already checked off the list. She’s regularly considered one of the greatest and most influential actresses in showbiz, making any film she appears in an instant hit.

When finishing up her talk with BANG Showbiz, Bullock explained how she connected with Melissa McCarthy during filming.

“We had little time to enjoy [during filming], but the way we enjoy our life is exactly the same. I never thought I’d meet someone that was as… I don’t want to use the word twisted [as me]; the word ‘off’ might be more appropriate,” The Heat star said. “We both have the same life sensibilities, and the same things we love to do, so it was a kindred spirit. I was very lucky. You don’t get that.”

Will The Heat receive great reviews and make waves after its release on June 28 with Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock coming together in the action comedy?