Paris Hilton: Material Possessions Aren't Important To Me

Paris Hilton: Material Possessions Aren’t Important To Me

Paris Hilton lives in a gated community, inside a mansion filled with portraits of herself, with a pink Bentley in the driveway that has an interior literally encrusted with diamonds. But she says material things aren’t important to her.

The socialite-turned-reality-star has lived what anyone would say is a sheltered life. Growing up as the heiress to the Hilton hotel empire, Paris has made a career out of being rich and snobby, a persona she played perfectly on reality shows like The Simple Life.

But in a new interview, Paris Hilton makes a bizarre and seemingly out-of-touch remark about her priorities in life.

“There’s much more to life than all of these possessions and everything,” Paris told Elle. “And if you want those things, you’re gonna have to work yourself, just like I did.”

Paris gave the interview as a new movie showcases just how many possessions she actually has. The Bling Ring, directed Sofia Coppola, is about a real-life group of Los Angeles teenagers who robbed the homes of celebrities, including Paris Hilton.

The story about Paris in Elle features pictures of her estate, which literally overflows with “possessions and everything.” Aside from the countless items with her image, there’s also the two-story doghouse that reportedly cost $350,000 to build.

The Yahoo! blog omg pointed out more hypocrisy from Paris Hilton, like the $300,000 California Sypder Ferrari she bought two years ago or the $12,000 dress she wore for a few hours to a party at Cannes. According to Paris, none of that was important to her.

Even so, Paris said she still hopes to recover the roughly $2 million in items the teenage burglars stole from her home. At the very least, Paris wants the diamond Cartier watch she said was a gift from her late grandmother.

Paris seems to be having something of a self-crisis of late. In another interview for The Bling Ring, Paris called out the celebrity-obsessed culture that she herself helped to usher in.

“I think these kids just wanted a piece of everyone’s life, and they felt the way to get it was by stealing it,” Paris told Access Hollywood.

“So, it just shows what all the kids are focusing on, which is, yeah, reality television. I think it’s really scary the time girls are being raised in and what they think values are, and the fact that they thought they could just break into peoples’ houses and have their lives … It’s just scary that it’s become such a celebrity obsession.”

In terms of her claim that she’s working hard, Paris Hilton may be at least partly right. She makes a cameo in The Bling Ring, playing herself, and says she’s working on a new album.