Courteney Cox

Courteney Cox Finds A New Job

There’s a horrible saying that goes, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Aside from the obvious offense, Courteney Cox is proving that saying wrong. At 48, which often means dead in Hollywood speak, Cox has decided to better her odds in the industry by turning to the director’s chair.

Courteney Cox will be making her feature directorial debut with her film Hello I Must Be Going. Although she’s known primarily for her roles on F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and Cougar Town, this isn’t the first step Cox has made behind the scenes. Since she retired her role of playing Monica Gellar, Cox has taken control of her career by producing.

As a producer Cox has lent her hand to numerous television series, including Mix It Up, Dirt, and of course her TBS comedy that also sees her as the star in Cougar Town. As for her career change to directing, we’ve already had a small glimpse of what Cox can do, but until now it hasn’t been on a large scale. She’s directed a few episodes of Cougar Town as well as a TV movie, so it’s safe to say that Hello I Must Be Going is her baby and her debut in many ways.

Hello I Must Be Going is penned by screenwriter David Flebotte (Desperate Housewives), and tells a story of a troubled man who returns to his hometown to right his wrongs right before he plans to commit suicide. Courteney Cox has got her work cut out for her, as this film stars A-lister Kate Walsh (Private Practice) and usual funny guy Seann William Scott of American Pie fame. If the title sounds a bit familiar, it’s because this isn’t the only film of its title. Last year there was a film titled Hello I Must Be Going. As of now it’s unknown whether or not Cox will be changing her title.

Her Hello I Must Be Going is set to shoot next month, and will also be produced by Cox and her newly ex-husband David Arquette through their banner Coquette Productions.