Will Bynes Twitter rage ever end?

Amanda Bynes Confusing The World, One Tweet And Delete At A Time

Amanda Bynes has taken Twitter by storm recently and the majority of the world around us has mixed reviews about her toppling tantrums. From Drake to Cher to Miley Cyrus and back to Drake, the once teen idol has turned into the Simon Cowell of Twitter.

Imagine giving Bynes a shiny desk with a notepad and sending celebrities in front of her before she sends them off the stage by calling them “ugly” or explaining how they don’t compare.

No matter which way you look at it, she’s easily becoming the most popular thing to hit the web of all-time. Her two million plus followers have completely fallen in love with her every thought, though it’s unknown which ones are just having a laugh and who’s actually concerned.

From one celebrity to another, Bynes has called out the best of them and sometimes completely changes her stance within hours or days of her social media bashings. To top it off, she regularly deletes her most critical tweets. What does that prove?

Maybe she’s had a change of heart? Not so likely. Maybe she’s taking over the world of social media and teasing every follower in the process? Sounds more like it.

The 27-year-old grew up acting as cute and innocent characters in the majority of her films and TV spots, though she also came off as ditsy through many of her roles. As she grew out of being a teen idol, her personality and stunning displays on social media have proven there’s no stopping the Twitter diva.

Amanda Bynes has created a long-list of mishaps and lashings over the past few months and here’s a few to hold you over. For starters, she reportedly threw a glass pipe out of her apartment window and ended up in court in May.

Bynes has posted photos on Twitter of herself practically naked and there’s always the never-ending saga of attacking other celebrities. She’s said that Drake is “ugly” but that she still likes him, that Cher is “ugly and a flop,” that Rihanna’s just “not pretty enough,” and of course the feud with Miley Cyrus that’s currently making the rounds. Here’s a breakdown of some of her most notorious attacks on Twitter.

Amanda Bynes Gets Personal With Rihanna

These tweets were way too over the top.