Alleged Rapist Looks For Female Roommate On Craiglist

An alleged rapist placed an ad on Craigslist for a female roommate after being suspected of forcing himself on a woman with cerebral palsy.

A judge placed Chandler under house arrest and made him wear a GPS monitor last August, which would likely prevent him from convincing women to live with him.

Justin Chandler created the ad in March that featured a photo of himself. He was looking for a single female roommate for a Columbia apartment he was about to move into.

When the ad was discovered last month, a judge made Chandler’s bond conditions much stricter. He is not allowed to use the internet and must have court approval before he moves or changes jobs.

The ad is no longer on Craigslist and it isn’t known if anyone responded to it or not.

Last summer, Chandler was charged for raping a woman at a Walmart in Dickinson, Tenn. in broad daylight in front of her baby.

“She couldn’t run due to her condition,” Cmdr. Eddie Breeden of the Dickson Police said. “Apparently there are people out there, as in this instance, that will take advantage of any situation.”

He reportedly followed the woman through the store and sexually assaulted her in one of the aisles.

A spokesperson for Walmart said that as soon as they found out what happened, they took the victim to a safe place in the store and contacted the police.

“No one that was inside the store was in the aisle where this occurred. No one actually knew what was going on until he was already exiting the store,” Breeden said.

Chandler’s trial for the rape charge is scheduled for August.

Do you think the judge was too easy on Chandler? Do you believe he should have revoked his bond?

[Image via Shuttershock]