Superman Actors Over The Years

‘Man Of Steel’ Over The Years: A Look Back At The Men Who Have Played Superman

Henry Cavill may be stepping into the Man Of Steel role, but the character of Superman has been around for a long time. Actors have clamored at the chance to play the popular comic book character both in live action and voice-over cartoon roles.

In celebration of the new Man of Steel film, we take a look back at some of the actors who have had the privilege to take on one of the most beloved comic book characters of all time.

Our list includes both actors of film and TV versions for the Man of Steel.

What might surprise some fans of Superman is the number of times some actors have come back to voice Superman over the years. Forget simply playing a one off role in a Superman movie or a short-lived role in a TV series, some actor literally have Superman voice roles that have spanned more than a decade!

One actor missing from this list is Ben Affleck. While Affleck appeared in the biopic Hollywood land he was actually playing the role of George Reeves, one of Superman’s best known and tragic character.

As you head out this weekend to watch Henry Cavill take on the role of Superman, just remember that his path to the Man of Steel was paved by many who came before him.

Check out the full list and then share your favorite choice for Superman.

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