Ty;er, The Creator, Maintains He Was Driving Justin Bieber's White Ferrari 'Nicely' On Memorial Day

Is Tyler, The Creator Stretching The Limits Of His And Justin Bieber’s Credibility?

Update: Los Angeles Sheriff’s Spokesman Steve Whitmore has confirmed that video footage shows Justin Bieber was not driving his Ferrari on Memorial Day. The vehicle was driven by Tyler, The Creator.

Original Article:

Tyler, The Creator, a rapper and producer, who publicly stated he drove Justin Bieber’s white Ferrari in Calabasas, L.A., on Memorial Day, now claims he did so “nicely” and wasn’t driving recklessly.

Along with Bieber, the 22-year-old is front and center of an Los Angeles police investigation into an alleged reckless driving incident that allegedly took place on Monday, May 27.

The investigation was sparked by two 911 calls from different locations. Both of these witnesses claimed Bieber drove his white Ferrari at “freeway” speeds.

In a previous incendiary video statement, one of the witnesses — ex-NFL star Keyshawn Johnson — insisted it was Bieber he saw drive past him, telling TMZ:

“I know the difference between a black kid driving a car and a white kid driving a car, I got bi-racial kids.” The 40-year-old added. “I got a chance to see him driving the car, lets put it that way. He [Bieber] was sitting in the driver’s seat.”

The day after Johnson’s online blast, Tyler — whose full name is Tyler Gregory Okonma — admitted he was driving in a Twitter statement, that read:

“That Was Me Behind The Wheel Of Justins Vehicle. Don’t Blame Him. People Are Actually Evil Swearing Up And Down That it Was Who It Wasn’t.”

Two days later Bieber responded with a tweet, writing:

Amid the conflicting stories, it was reported that Bieber’s bodyguards had told police they had a video that proved Tyler was behind the wheel at the disputed time. It’s also claimed Bieber only got into the driver’s seat of his Ferrari after reaching his Calabasas house, in order to carefully park the car in his garage.

Tyler has now commented again on the alleged incident. The rapper maintains he was driving the Ferrari but essentially denied that he was reckless.

“Nah, I wasn’t whipping,” the musician told TMZ. “I was driving nicely. People are crazy.”

He added: “I have concern for pedestrians, just some people are really evil man, that’s all I’m gonna say.”

Meanwhile, the L.A’s County Sheriff’s Department investigation continues. As yet it’s unknown whether the purported security video has been handed in to police, or whether Tyler has given a formal statement admitting responsibility.

It’s been reported that the L.A County Sheriff’s Department are unconvinced Tyler was driving, based on their witness accounts. Once their investigation is complete the case will be referred to the District Attorney’s Office to consider filing misdemeanor charges.

Previously IQ noted the conflict between L.A. Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore’s statement quoted in the Los Angeles Times: “Mr. Bieber hurried into the home without talking to anybody.”

Compared to TMZ’s June 1 report, which stated:

“Keyshawn says he saw Justin behind the wheel of his Ferrari in the driveway of his gated community. We’re told 3 other witnesses also saw Justin behind the wheel.”

“Keyshawn tells TMZ … when he confronted Justin in his garage … Justin said he wasn’t driving during the wild ride and got into the driver’s seat in the driveway to park the car into the garage — which is a tricky maneuver in a low-riding vehicle.”

Clearly, key questions in the investigation will be at what point in the journey the witnesses claim they saw the pop star behind the wheel and how clearly, given the “freeway” speeds the vehicle was reportedly traveling at.

If the witnesses only got a good look at Bieber in the driveway of his home, it doesn’t negate the security team’s claim that the singer was in fact preparing to park his car.

However, even with the conflicting versions of events in the case, which may establish reasonable doubt, does Tyler’s claim that he wasn’t driving recklessly seem credible given witnesses’ claims that — at the very least — somebody was driving the Ferrari too fast on Memorial Day?

Update: Los Angeles Sheriff’s Spokesman Steve Whitmore has confirmed that video footage shows Justin Bieber was not driving his Ferrari on Memorial Day. The vehicle was driven by Tyler, The Creator, while Bieber followed behind on his motorcycle.

Justin Bieber Was Not Driving His White Ferrari On Memorial Day, But Tyler, The Creator Says He Was Driving 'Nicely'
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