Katy Perry Teams Up With Wig Wearing Cats [Video]

Katy Perry Teams Up With Wig Wearing Cats [Video]

Katy Perry has teamed up with wig wearing cats to advertise her new Popchips flavor.

Her wig wearing friends are known as Widget and Boodles.

Widget represents the “brains” behind the whole operation while Boodles is depicted as the “muscle.”

If only they had thought to add glasses into the equation for Widget’s look — that would have been a viral video within itself.

The new Popchips flavor, Katy’s Kettle Corn, is being advertised in one of the most wackiest adverts to date.

Currently, the new taste is reported to be “sweet, salty and sinless” — not exactly what springs to mind when you see Katy Perry joining forces with some felines, sipping milk and solving crime.

Nonetheless, not only can you smell like Katy Perry, thanks to her perfume debut, but you can don your superhero costumes and fight crime like her.

The idea behind the advert appears to be based on Austin Powers and sees Perry join forces with some glamorous feline friends in order to save the day from the dastardly “Fat Cat.”

More like a spy spoof than an advert, the short piece titled “Katy and the Popcats” introduces escapades that are sure to keep Katy Perry fans glued to their TV screens when commercial is on.

Not only is the concept fun, but it also gives Perry the chance to do what she does best and display a wide assortment of brightly colored wigs and eccentric outfits.

With Perry’s father already referring to her as “devil child,” it seems her latest endeavor will only upset him further.

In addition to the quirky visuals, there is also some incredibly cheesy lines thrown in for good measure: “It’s over for you, Fat Cat! Get your greasy paws up.”

Furthermore, Perry and her feline sidekicks have their very own van to ride around it, inspired by Josie and the Pussycats.

You will never look at Katy Perry the same again.

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]