Boxer Eats A Lime - Viral Video

Boxer Dog Eats Lime, Hilarity Ensues And A Viral Video Is Born

A boxer dog has found instant internet fame after his owner took him to the beach and he proceeded to eat a wedge of lime he found in the sand.

The dog’s attempt to eat a lime starts innocent enough as he finds the lime, likes it, nibbles on it for a moment, and then proceeds to keep eating.

Seconds later, the adorable pooch goes absolutely insane, throwing his head all over the place while staring down the camera with some crazy eyes.

We know a lime can be quite sour, and this poor little guy figured that fact out on his very own.

The boxer eating a lime video was uploaded to YouTube on June 3 by user TheMegamindVideos, and it has since racked up 392,644 views. The video on YouTube is titled “Boxer Dog’s First Reaction to Lime.”

The dogs owner can be heard laughing as their four legged friend attempts to get rid of the lime’s sour taste.

The best part? The dog returns several times for a few more tastes. Perhaps lime is a previously undiscovered form of doggy crack cocaine.

Citrus is NOT a dog’s best friend; in fact, lemon, lime, and other citrus fruits are often used in pet deterrent sprays and anti-bark collars.

If you have a dog, the ASPCA warns that they need to stay away from lemons and limes, which can actually be toxic to pets.

Again, please remember that a boxer or any other dog should avoid citrus fruits over fears of vomiting, diarrhea, and potential photosensitivity.

What did you think about the boxer eating a lime and his reaction to the new food?