'Xenoblade' followup gets E3 2013 trailer and images

‘Xenoblade’ Followup Blasts Through With E3 2013 Trailer, Images [Video]

Xenoblade Chronicles is getting a followup on the Wii U!

At the E3 2013 Nintendo Direct, an announcement was made about a game that at the time appeared to be a lot like Xenoblade Chronicles from developer Monolithsoft. From the footage of a flying mech in an over the shoulder first person shooter scenario, to its on-foot wandering with almost the human body weight in stylistic armor, it seemed to be a high-definition expansion.

That’s because it is the sequel to Xenoblade Chronicles, known for now only as X.

Xenoblade Chronicles was an action RPG about a man with an energy blade called the Monado. Your character, Shulk, wielded the weapon against an enemy force called the Mechon in order to save the world. This open-world action RPG utilized an auto-attack system in real time, so when an enemy entered their attack radius, the party member would instantly go for damage. Xenoblade was one of the most ambitious RPG titles developed for the Wii at the time.

According to the images found on E3 Insider, X‘s world will once again be inhabited by large mechs in an expansive world spanning urban towns in tropical areas, exotic landscapes willed with large rocks and lush plant life, and vast deserts with towering rock spires. You will have a mech suit of your own as you go against or alongside other mechs, and fight a variety of titans, including one that looks like it has bright fangs reaching halfway down its body.

The E3 2013 trailer below for the followup to Xenoblade Chronicles begins with our hero making his way down an urban street in some sweet boots. His hair is the usual Japanese video game style, a spiked but seemingly well-groomed bed head. He wears a suit that appears to be a high-tech jacket.

The scene pops back in from a distance and we see him making his way to a mech suit in the midst of several men working on other mech suits on the side. He reaches the mech he’s going to use and straps himself in, fitting his hands around the controls.

Are you excited to play the followup to Xenoblade Chronicles? What do you think of the E3 2013 trailer?