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Sebastian De La Cruz Responds To Racist Comments [Video]

Sebastian De La Cruz Responds To Racist Comments in a very mature way

Sebastian De La Cruz from America’s Got Talent responded to racist Twitter comments with what sources are saying “100 percent class.”

During Game 3 of the NBA Finals between the Heat and the Spurs, 11-year-old De La Cruz sang the national anthem, and, while many where blown away by his voice, there were many that didn’t feel like De La Cruz should have been the one singing it.

Sebastien said during a hastily organized news conference Wednesday:

“With the racism remarks, to be honest, it’s just the people how they were raised. My father and my mother told me that you should never judge people by how they look. You should judge them on the inside. And the saying that I go by is never judge a book by its cover.”

According to the Houston Chronicles, “a barrage of tweets Tuesday night included insults and disparaging language aimed at Mexican American immigrants.”

MsnNOW stated that “Of course, Sebastian is American (born in San Antonio), and his dad served in the U.S. Navy, but that probably wouldn’t have mattered to them anyway.”

The Houston Chronicles go on to report:

“While proud of Sebastien, they said crude reactions to his appearance on national television Tuesday night — clad in a mariachi traje — reflected a wider anger aimed at Latinos and immigrants, and over immigration reform legislation in Congress.

“‘I was very proud of him,'” said Jaime Martinez, founder and chairman of the César E. Chávez Foundation. “‘But it shows we still have a long way to go. There’s still a lot of bigotry in this country.'”

De la Cruz posted his own tweet on Wednesday:

This young boy showed a lot of maturity in the past few days, and the Tweet above along with the video below show just how well Sebastian De La Cruz responded to all the racist comments

Sebastian De La Cruz will take the court again tonight to sing the National Anthem before Game 4 of the NBA Finals.

[Image via Mariachi]

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60 Responses to “Sebastian De La Cruz Responds To Racist Comments [Video]”

  1. Cindy Azucena Gomez-Schempp

    Que orgullo Mexicano! You make us ALL proud to be Mexican-Americans Sebastian! Thank you for being a hero to our kids and showing them HOW to be proud of their ancestors and stand up for themselves. Your parents must be BEAMING with pride!

  2. Jorge L Villegas

    I'm on both sides of the fence on this one. How would everyone feel if it was an American born kid with a Muslim background wearing a turban? Would 'America' support that? While understand that America is pretty diverse it's still 'America' and should be treated as such. I strongly believe that this will open the door to others and It's just a matter of time before you hear about a lawsuit being filed because some individual was not allowed to sing the national anthem based on what someone considered to be inappropriate attire.

    Other than that the kids got one hell of a voice and I wish him luck.

  3. Lupita Lupita

    I'm wearing my sombrero while I watch the game tonight!

  4. Noah Hicks

    Yes, I'd support an AMERICAN CHILD proudly sharing his/her talents with the nation and the world while wearing clothing honoring his/her unique American cultural tradition. American food, clothing, music, speech, architecture (need I continue?) represent the traditions and contribution of immigrants who've come from all over the world. Where do pants come from? Braids? The names of our cities? The rhythmic patterns in our music? We've been forcing our culture and customs on this land since the 16th century.

    Grow up.

  5. Noah Hicks

    May I also point out the irony of someone named "Jorge Villegas" delivering the message of cultural assimilation? 100 years ago, you'd be expected to change that name or forget about finding meaningful employment.

  6. Leonor G. Keng

    I find it hilarious that people who's forefathers were emigrants think they have the authority to judge modern emigrants! Unless you are a full blooded native American shut up and know your place!!!!

  7. Jose Alberto Haro

    Sebastián your the man. Live your dream. Let the haters hate. They'll only make you a bigger star.

  8. Phil Murphy

    "open the door to others…" In what capacity? Would it really bother you if someone sang the national anthem while wearing a turban? If so, why?

  9. Moses Miller

    Born in America. Father served in US Navy. A citizen of this country has to deal with such crap?

  10. Carla Luigi

    Why should it bother ANYONE? This is the land of the free, people shouldn't be afraid of other citizens or individuals from different ethnicities. People tend to forget that everyone in USA came from immigrants anyway(unless youre a native american). So there.

  11. Scott Mellinger

    America was originally made up of…Americans? No it wasn't. Our acceptance of other cultures was supposed to be the basis for our founding and what made us preferrable to other societies. Picking and choosing "who" is ok to sing our Anthem is pathetic. Didn't we love Roseanne and then Stevie Tyler's versions? True "Americans". it's music for gosh sakes and what each of us takes from it is personal and should not be used to insult anyone because of who they happen to be.

  12. John Fix

    Wonderful performance. The racists are just scared because they see the rising numbers of non-white Americans.

  13. Dolores Holguin Rivera

    So proud of this young man!!! He stood proud, sang the national anthem, knew all the words!!!! Recall other so called American, who have attempted to sing the national anthem, and have forgotten the words to the song………… Now that's a disgrace!!!!!!

  14. Andrew Tenorio

    I would support it. I would support YOU not the Turban thats just a piece of cloth kinda like the shirt I have on no diffrent… Its you I support not the article of clothng you wear…

  15. Delia Fernandez Castillo

    He was amazing! What a great voice!! <3

  16. Tristan Goode

    I thought he looked really handsome. There's no reason you can't be proud of where you live an where you came from at the same time.

  17. Miguel Fontes Méndez

    Jorge L Villegas, pick a side. If he did not show our flag respect or sang poorly we could question the motive for him being there. He chose to show respect in the way he felt best.. Would you have preferred someone wearing a tank top with an american flag on it and wearing flip flops sing it? Or a major pop artist "interpret" the anthem? If you could not look beyond his attire and hear the voice and listen to the words you missed the point. United we stand? Hardly.

  18. Jimbo Velasquez

    Do not listen to those racist embiciles! Maybe they want every one in buckskin & war bonnettes, no disrespect to Native Americans! Mariaches outfitis part of Mexico, TEXAS was a part of Mexico! If YOU don't like it, go back where YOUR ancesters came from!

  19. Jorge L Villegas

    I'm just playing devils advocate, my comments have nothing to with my name, race, age or ethnicity.

    Personally, I believe this just opened Pandora's Box. I can assure that someone, somewhere is already making plans on what to do next and the lawyers are lining up for this one. Again, the kid has an outstanding voice and I wish him luck.

    If he was wearing a shirt with the Mexican flag printed on it and it said 'Viva Mexico' would you feel the same way? Would you support it?

  20. Jorge L Villegas

    Noah Hicks "Yes, I'd support an AMERICAN CHILD proudly sharing his/her talents with the nation and the world while wearing clothing honoring his/her unique American cultural tradition"

    The last time I checked the Charro outfit was not an American cultural tradition but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, I've been know to make mistakes.

    By the way, if its American please contact Wikipedia so that they can correct the online definition of a 'Charro'.

    Here's the link in case you need it.

  21. Denise Renteria Belangia

    Beautifully sang, I'm proud to be Mexican American!

  22. Ricky Vega

    I swear Mig, some people are truly sickening! Inquiring minds would love to know the real issue here, the suit or his skin color? Perhaps both? Growing up, I would take so much pride in wearing my "traje" while performing during the day and later throwing on the pads and helmet for an evening game. Being Mexican-AMERICAN is a beautiful thing! I'm proud to see young Sebastien dealing with such ignorance and hate all while maintaining the highest level of integrity and class. I salute young Sebastien and his parents.

  23. Jyb Nva

    Sweetie, I may never meet you in this life; but, I'm so very proud of you! Hold your head high keep singing! Soar above the ignorance. Much love

  24. Johnny Zermeño

    Obviously , you are a Mexican malinche , in trying to appear inteligent I think you are fearful you might be singled out and put in jeapordy your permanent residency, I love and respect the Irish but I don't see no one jumping on a soap box to yell about the bag pipes being played at every Cops funeral even Mexican American cops because respect their traditions

  25. Johnny Zermeño

    I guess rodeo and vaquero were divine inspiration and were birth on this side of the fence

  26. Pamela Moldan

    What a coincidence that I was thinking this am about how "American" is used to represent only citizens of the United States. As…. North America is a lot more than just the US… Add Central America and South America… Anyone that lives in the Western Hemisphere IS considered "an American"! Don't believe me? Look it up in the dictionary!!

  27. Beatriz Garza

    At least Mexico is in the same continent! Haters forget their ancestors came by boat from the other side of the world!! Mexico has always been here!! Lied, raped, killed, and murdered the Native American (I am) and now got the nerve to insult and claim the land their ancestors stold!!

  28. Milton Avalos

    I wouldn't say that there is a lot of bigotry in this country…a more apt statement would be that there are alot of ignorant people in this country who, through the availability of social media, are more easily heard and therefore we give those individuals their fifteen minutes of undeserved fame. To say that there is a lot of bigotry would signify that Americans of Mexican descent are unable to get ahead in this country. Not true. We are only held back by the limitations that we impose on ourselves. Congratulations to Sebastian on his performance and response to the comments. Cheers!

  29. Lito Troxler

    It would be nice if, in the same article, they spell the boy's name correctly, que no? Is it Sebastian or Sebastien? It might as well be Juan or Pedro! Get it right.

  30. Jacquie Racine Klein

    He is a good kid! His parents should be very proud!

  31. Shawnda Tiernan

    I just think that if they are going to claim America as their home and loyalty to America and use the word America to describe who they are, whether it be african american, latino american, mexican american whatever, then they should show their respect and patriotism to this country not theirs and they should speak our language 100% of the time in public. They left theirs behind for a reason. Maybe I as a celtic-pagan-native-american (the mix of my ancestry) should start wearing dress native to my ancestry and ancestors and motherlands. Yes I think I will start calling myself this instead of just good ole' American.

  32. Shawnda Tiernan

    oh, that goes for any nationality, not just those I named…………chinese american, korean american, muslim american, etc.

  33. Ricard Jazz

    This is a semantic non-sequitur and I'm not sure what the point would be. I don't think any other nation on the North/South American continents use the term 'American' as part of their nation name. It's reasonable and historical to use the single word 'America' to refer to this nation. I'm sure ther are other nomenclature parallels that can be found.

  34. Ricard Jazz

    I am suspect of the loyalties of any person who refers to themselves as a hyphenated-American. Benjamin Franklin had a friend in Germany who wrote that he may move to America, to which Mr. Franklin responded that he would have to give up being German, changing his allegiance to, and becoming part of, his new nation and severing with his old. This is a necessary part of being American that we seem to have forgotten. My great-grandparents never referred to themselves as Swedish-Americans (nor do I), and until the modern era, it was common for immigrants to refuse to allow their children to speak anything but English in the home.

  35. Elidet Bordon

    Would they prefer he wear a meat dress like Lady Gaga and mess up the words like Steven Tyler?

    He has more class than the haters. He shouldn't have to respond to racists because we should be beyond that. Way to go, kid!

  36. Ricard Jazz

    Claims of origination are tricky at best, and no, Mexico has not always been here. What is now Mexico City was founded in 1325 by the Aztecs who, like The Mayan, were descended from the migration that came across the bearing straight, also "from the other side of the world." The nation of Mexico was founded in 1810 when the region declared its independence from Spain. All told, there was lots of conquering and 'stealing' before the Europeans began arriving.

  37. Sabrina Davis

    I love this little boy, saw him AGT and I sure wanted him to win. But actually he has won big time for being so brave and speaking so well about the racist comments he has had to hear. Looks to me as of late, that racist are still showing their ignorance for all to see. So glad we out number them. Love you Sebastian!

  38. Contessa Miller

    I adore Sebastian Cruz and the whole group that he performs with. His talent exceeds his young age and he is a positive role model for youth in any country! I am so glad that his parents are level-headed, down to earth, exceptionally insightful people. I only wish the very, very best for Sebastian's musical career and hope he remains the perfect gentlemen he already is.

    As far as responding to the asinine and dim-witted retorts about his performing at the NBA Finals, I won't waste my time and energy. Jerks have been given too much play in our society already.

  39. Contessa Miller

    I think Sebastian as an exceptionally talented Mariachi performer, was asked to perform the "Star Spangled Banner" and not give a civics lecture at a NBA finals game. That's all I want to say about this.

  40. Elizabeth Bullock-Rest

    This kid and his parents are class acts.

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