Mother Turns In Gun Found In Son’s Room

A Brooklyn woman found a gun in her 11-year-old son’s room and didn’t wait long to turn it in to community activists, who eventually gave it to the police.

The mom admitted that she was suspicious of her son’s friends and decided to look around his room. She came across a .38-caliber handgun and handed it over to community activists Tony Herbert and Anthony Newerls.

“I’m just relieved to get that gun out of my house,” she said.

The 11-year-old boy told his mom that a teenager gave him the gun for safekeeping. If people who own the gun find out about this, the child could be in a lot of danger.

Newerls said that the mom likely saved someone’s life by turning in the gun. “Can you imagine a sixth-grader taking this gun to school?” he asked. “This is why we ask parents to look into their kids’ rooms. The consequences of one bullet doesn’t hurt just one person. It hurts many.”

Herbert also encourages parents to look through their kids’ rooms. “We want mothers to flip their rooms. Go inside. Talk to your kids. You pay the rent so you have the entitlement to go in there and do whatever you need to do to find out what is happening in that kid’s life,” he said.

Police officials in Brooklyn persuade people to turn in guns by having an ongoing buy-back program in which people can receive $100 for turning in a gun.

“Anytime we can get a gun off the streets I am all for it. They can always call a precinct and we will come and pick it up,” Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said.

Do you think the Brooklyn mom had a right to look through hers son’s room? Would you have done the same thing?

[Image via Shuttershock]