pink bulldog statue stolen

Pink Bulldog Statue Goes Missing, Feared Stolen [Video]

Hey, if you’ve seen a big, 200-pound pink bulldog statue lying around, would you return it to its worried owners in West Hollywood please?

It might make for the best “Lost Dog” sign ever: A big pink bulldog statue really is missing from West Hollywood, and authorities are treating the case as a theft. The proud pink pup is wearing sneakers and carries an over-sized water bottle on its back.

The statue was created by Belgian artist William Sweetlove, and was originally one of six pups, err… sculptures installed along Santa Monica Boulevard for last Sunday’s gay pride parade.

So the pink bulldog’s disappearance falls somewhere between “humorous prank” and “valuable art theft.”

Authorities wouldn’t say how much the pink bulldog statue is worth because they don’t want anyone attempting to steal the other five.

Sweetlove also couldn’t be reached for comment this week, but one of his representatives said that the artist would be willing to turn over a $1,600 frog statue as a reward to whoever leads authorities to the bulldog.

The pink bulldog’s disappearance might look funny from where we’re sitting, but West Hollywood folk are taking the theft pretty hard.

“The theft might have been a joke, but it would be nice to have it back,” Kris Ghesquiere said. “We and the city of West Hollywood did this for the people. Everybody does stupid things sometimes. We want to give people a chance to give it back with no consequences.”

Sweetlove’s pink bulldog isn’t just a gay pride statement but an ecological one too.

“Climate will change soon: We’ll have a lot of water, but not enough drinking water, so he provides his animals with drinking water, backpacks with food, shoes to protect them from the heat,” said Ghesquiere.

So again, if you’ve seen a pink bulldog in the West Hollywood area, please report it to the authorities. What name the statue would answer to was not made clear.