Javier Mascherano sent off

Argentina Captain Javier Mascherano Sent Off For Kicking Medic Driving Him In Cart [Video]

Argentina’s captain, Javier Mascherano, was sent off during their World Cup qualifying clash with Ecuador after kicking the driver of a medical cart who was assisting him.

The Barcelona midfielder was being taken off the pitch on the vehicle after he picked up an injury, but then appeared to have water thrown at him, which lead to his outburst.

Mascherano then retaliated by kicking out furiously at the medic behind the wheel of the automobile. Because of his actions the referee of the encounter, Enrique Caceres, decided to show Argentina’s captain a red card, which then lead to furious scenes on the touchline between officials and coaches.

Since the incident further rumours have emerged that Mascherano reacted in such a furious manner because the cart he was being driven in was traveling too fast.

Mascherano has since taken to Twitter to apologise for his actions, writing, “I really apologize for the reaction I had, nothing justifies this. Great team work and effort!!”

He then added, “One preaches non-violence in our country, and in this I was mistaken. My reaction is not justified. I feel ashamed. The stretcher was going too fast and I was about to fall. I warned him (the driver) and he ignored me, but what I did was not justified. I’m big enough to admit mistakes. I’m embarrassed, and saddened.”

The match between Argentina and Ecuador ended in a 1-1 stalemate. Sergio Aguero, Manchester City’s star forward, opened the scoring from the penalty spot after only four minutes, however, Sergundo Castillo then equalised only 13 minutes later to claim a draw for their South American rivals.

Argentina still sit a top of the current South American qualifying group standings on 26 points, three ahead of the second placed team, Colombia.

You can watch a video of Javier Mascherano kicking out at the medical official below. Do you think he should face further punishment for his actions?