'Pokemon X and Y' E3 2013 update

‘Pokemon X And Y’ E3 2013 Update

Pokemon X and Y has had an official update via E3 2013!

E3 2013 has been a busy event for the gaming industry, unleashing news in waves and possibly overwhelming a few reporters.

Yesterday, for instance, was Nintendo’s Direct webcast where they released everything relevant to their future plans. In spite of having no actual E3 presence, Nintendo still made quite a stir with updates for the Wii U and 3DS in the form of new trailers and game announcements.

Pokemon X and Y was one game that wasn’t announced, but received quite a nice share of updates. So without further ado, let’s get to it.

Pokemon X and Y will be available as 3DS eShop downloads, saving space in your physical game collection for other games like, say, Super Smash Bros.. The male player in the game will be very familiar to X-Men fans, with the name Xavier. He probably won’t be psychic though, so it’s not an actual crossover. You will be able to add up to 100 players to your favorites so you can find them more easily, and the game will allow a connection to earlier generations of Pokemon titles. The starting area is called Asame Town. Your ally will be the opposite gender and be either Callum or Serena, indicating that you will have a female option to start the game with as well.

Fairy-type Pokemon were revealed, including Sylveon, Gardevoir (also psychic), long-time mainstay Jigglypuff, and Marill (also water). Fairy-type Pokemon will be super effective against dragon-types. Sylveon will have an attack called Moonblast, which lowers its target’s special attack stats. Gardevoir can also learn Fairy Wind.

Other new Pokemon announced include Noivern (flying/dragon type) and Vivillon (bug/flying type). There will also be a blue crustacean-like critter in Pokemon X and Y with water-based attacks. Shishiko is a new fire/normal-type lion cub Pokemon. Furabebe is a fairy-type flower Pokemon.

There will be new ways to encounter wild Pokemon, such as stepping on one, and you will be able to interact with the ones you’ve caught in new ways, such as feeding and petting, making your pocket critters more like pets and enhancing their stats.

Along with riding Gogoat over land, there may also be the opportunity to ride a flying Pokemon into battle, according to the trailer above where a blonde lady challenges you to a sky battle. You might also have group battles now, as one scene had a Froakie facing off against several Houndour.

Pokemon X and Y is slated for release October 12.

Are you excited about Pokemon X and Y? What do you think of the new additions announced at E3 2013?