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Heidi Klum, Martin Kristen Quell Fight Rumors With Public Shopping Spree

So Heidi Klum went shopping with bodyguard-turned-boyfriend Martin Kristen on Tuesday in a very public outing that quieted some of the rumors flying around that the good-looking couple might be in trouble.

As I reported yesterday, Heidi Klum and Kristen apparently had an hour-long public fight at The Spotted Pig in New York City on Sunday night. Reportedly fueled more by alcohol than by any serious problem in the relationship, the spat apparently came to an abrupt end when Kristen removed himself from the scene.

The story may have been one of those tales that gets better as it gets repeated, because it did have a few elements that makes the skeptical reader wonder if it could have happened just the way that the unnamed sources described — especially a twice-repeated claim that Heidi Klum herself couldn’t find a cab when she stomped out of the restaurant in a huff.

Whatever happened or didn’t happen this weekend, Heidi Klum seemed to be in great spirits as she was photographed out and about on Tuesday with Kristen hauling her bags or just strolling alongside her on busy NYC streets.

She also had plenty of time to post encouraging tweets urging her fans to catch last night’s episode of NBC’s America’s Got Talent auditions in New Orleans and San Antonio.

But if you screwed up and missed it anyway, here’s a quick recap of who’s going to Vegas.

Thanks for the shopping tip, Heidi, but I have a pretty good idea that I can’t wear it with your panache. And being talented apparently involves much wearing of the painful shoes:

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Would you like to go shopping with Heidi Klum?

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