HGTV american flag tablecloth

HGTV’s American Flag Tablecloth Tip Suggests Using Old Glory To Catch Crumbs

Home-centric network HGTV has stunned readers with a Fourth of July decorating tip that flies in the face of all common etiquette about the flag — by suggesting viewers use an actual American flag as a tablecloth before running it up the flagpole.

Yes, HGTV’s American flag tip seems to be offensive to all eyes, taking the symbol that drapes the coffins of servicemen killed in action and flies at half mast to honor the dead and using it to sit under potato salad and cupcakes at a party.

In an HGTV website tip advising “unconventional table linens” for July 4th celebrations, the network suggests viewers convert the American flag into a “table runner,” saying:

“Drape a large American flag over the table as a bright and festive table runner. Use a nylon flag so spills can be easily wiped off and the flag can later be hung with pride on a flag pole.”

Unconventional, certainly. Disrespectful, insulting, and something most children know not to do? Perhaps, but it doesn’t have the same ring, we suppose.

Over on the HGTV Facebook page, users have come out to protest the HGTV American flag tablecloth, saying on the network’s Facebook wall:

“I am highly offended by your tip to use an American Flag as a table cloth. That is beyond disgraceful, and I refuse to leave this issue alone. I agree with another person who stated that her husband does not defend this country for a table cloth, and neither does mine or all the other hundreds of military people I love and respect. REMOVE IT, and apologize.”

“Honor the Flag there is a Code! Would you want your son or daughter ‘s casket covered with a tablecloth flag wiped off and used to honor a veterans death. Shame on you HGTV, I am no longer a fan or supporter!”

teacher stomps on flag

“I’m usually a huge fan of your programs and ideas, but you REALLY FAILED ON THIS ONE! Using our nation’s flag as a tablecloth is disrespectful and in very bad taste. You really need to brush up on your flag etiquette. I think you need to admit your goof and apologize. Pull the page.”

While users are outraged over HGTV’s American flag tablecloth, perhaps their social media manager is in bed for the night, as the webpage with the tip is still up and viewable.

Do you think HGTV needs to apologize for using the American flag as a “festive” party accoutrement?

Update: HGTV has apologized for the American flag tablecloth post and removed the content.