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Kate Middleton Breastfeeding Portrait Is Satire, Says Artist

A new portrait of Kate Middleton breastfeeding has drawn mixed reactions from art critics.

The painting, which shows the Duchess with a halo around her head, wearing a pair of tattered socks, and breastfeeding her unborn child, was created by Artist Kaya Mar. The painter said that the painting is supposed to be a commentary on how the public has lifted Kate Middleton to god-like status despite her common beginnings.

Mar told Yahoo: “It’s satire … I don’t have anything against Kate Middleton, but I’m using her as a metaphor for how our society elevates people into icons. Before she met William, she was a commoner. Now, people worship her.”

The painting hasn’t been received well by everyone. Some have called the painting creepy while others feel that it was just bizarre to show the future queen breastfeeding.

Mar said that he appreciated the comments because it means that people are talking about his work.

The artist said: “I know people are upset. I’ve gotten e-mails from people saying they want me to die … But I want people to talk.”

Here’s the painting of Kate Middleton breastfeeding.

kate middleton

The royal family hasn’t commented on the portrait, and, since it wasn’t commissioned by the Palace, they probably never will.

A spokesman for the Clarence House told IBTimes UK: “We would never comment on an portraits of her unless it was commissioned by the palace.”

This isn’t the first bizarre painting of Kate Middleton, and it won’t be the last. The Duchess of Cambridge’s unborn baby was recently depicted alongside Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s baby in a new sculpture.